Chanel Quad Eyeshadow in Bleu Celestes

This compact is everything you would expect from the house of Chanel. Gorgeous shades, incredible pigmentation, long wear, perfect amount of shimmer vs. matte, shades that work perfectly together, and a price that is out of this world expensive. If paying $55 for an eyeshadow quad isn't out of your price range, then this is one that you won't want to pass up. I purchased mine at Nordstrom, but you can find it online (with a video!) on Chanel's website.

Beauty Sample Sale in Atlanta

I am so excited! Pretty City is hosting a Beauty Sample Sale in Atlanta during the time that I will be there for a work conference. Events like this just don't end up in my neck of the woods, so being able to actually attend one just makes me happy! During this event, you can sample new beauty products, try out new spa treatments, enjoy complimentary cocktails, get goodie bags, and score sample sale prices on beauty products. I've bought VIP tickets and plan on checking everything out while sipping on my cocktail. Drop me a line if you're planning on attending - I'd love to meet some fellow beauty junkies!

Review: Enchanted Eye Palette in Bronze

A nice selection of bronzes and greens. I picked this up because I was wanting a more neutral selection, and the colors seemed to go well together. Watch for glitter, however. Most of the colors do have a glitter element to them, and the rest have a shimmer. There are no mattes here at all. But the colors can all be mixed and matched, have a great staying power, and as always, Sephora gives you a very good product for a reasonable price.
$26 at

My Style Quiz

I took a style quiz over at my new find,, and this is what I got:
Thanks to Lauren over at Ask Fashion Kitty for bringing this site to my attention! I love adding new blogs to my Reader.



A great idea - something to slip over your feet that helps separate your toes, keep your feet warm, and keep your newly moisturized heels soft.

Diddy Posts 10 Ways to Keep NYE Sexy

I love P. Diddy. Seriously. Man has serious personal style. Anyway, over at his blog, Diddy, he posts 10 ways to have a great New Year's Eve.
I'm betting his NYE bash is the sexiest around.
Photo from

The Tudors

I love The Tudors. And Season 2 is starting up March 31. Until then, I leave you with this goodness:
Photo courtesy of Popbytes.

Shoe Porn

What I did today at Nordstrom.

Post Holiday Shopping: Nordstrom

Anyone who knows me knows I love me some Nordstrom. Of course, it's really the only high-end department store retailer where I live (no Saks, no Bloomies, no Lord & Taylor, only Macys), so it has to make do. In fact, one of my gifts this year was a $250 gift card, which I plan to spend promptly, probably on some fierce shoes.
Some great things are on sale online, up to 40% off.

Who doesn't want a cashmere hooded pullover for lounging in? I do! 33% off.
Maggy London halter trapeze dress, 40% off.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Ace of Spades dress. 40% off.
Anyway, pages and pages of markdowns. And a semi-annual sale for men, if you have a significant other who needs an upgrade. Mine could use some help!

Post Holiday Shopping: Revolve

Pretty big sale over at Revolve. Select items are anywhere from 40-75% off. I saw a few things that I would definitely get, if I had somewhere to wear them! New Years for me is going to be spent on the couch watching the ball drop in Times Square this year, unfortunately!

But this dress! I adore it. The hemline alone is enough, but the price is certainly worth mentioning: $83!
This is just cuteness in dress form. Only available in large, which is perfect for me! By Karta: $198.
Paul & Joe Sister Campari Jacket, on sale for $180. I have something similar in red, and I absolutely adore it. It's much more versatile than you would think.
Happy shopping!

Post Holiday Shopping:

Today only, is doing a 20% off everything sale. All your favorite beauty brands are part of this sale! Visit through this link to get your discount. Enjoy!

Post Holiday Shopping: LUSH

Ready to spend all those gift cards or just grab yourself the stuff you really wanted but no one bought you? Right on. Me too.

I adore LUSH, but we don't have one here in the 757. I had heard that all the stores were doing a "clean slate" sale that was really worth checking out, but I would have to drive to DC to shop, and that wasn't going to happen over the holidays. But when I heard the promotion was extending to their online store, then I got excited. It's not nearly as comprehensive, but you get to select a free item with select items. Use the code "CLEANSLATE" at checkout. Need some suggestions? I am here to help!

Bath Bombs

Bubble Bars
Shower Jelly
Massage Bars
Hair Care

MAC Stylistics

I was hanging around the MAC counter recently while a friend of mine got some awesome smokey eyes done (huge shout out to the MAC folks at Saks on 5th in NYC) and stumbled upon the Stylistics collection. Usually I don't pay much attention to the new MAC offerings, because I always feel like they are just slightly out of my league. I have no idea what to do with all those pigments and powders - give me my makeup cleanly labeled and in palette form, thanks. Anyway, I did find a few things that I simply must have.

First up, the most flattering lipstick I have ever put on my lips. Called "The Scene," MAC describes it like this:

An exceptionally rich lipstick that glides on with ease to a creamy, sophisticated shine. Lips feel soft, look rich and lustrous. Provides medium-buildable to full coverage with a satiny shine. To enhance and add dimension, pair with The Stylistics Lipglass. Features the exclusive detail of The Stylistics collection, a square black metal Lipstick case embellished with pearl detail. Limited edition.
Love it. Love the case it comes in. Love everything about it. Of course, they were out, and I don't actually own it.

Next up, Sheerspark Pressed Powder in Solitare. Gorgeous! This iridescent pressed powder is beige with a gold tint. Makes for an excellent highlighter, and helps give skin a nice, dewy finish. Great for evenings out. And the compact it comes in is gorgeous too - like the rest of the collection, it's black with clear and black pearl details. How sophisticated will you look pulling that out and touching up? MAC always has the best face powder.

I have to admit that I've never even smelled any of MAC's perfume lines. They were just not the counter I'd go to when thinking of perfume. But Air of Style is different. First, check out the bottle. Fabulous. MAC describes this scent as:
Warm, intoxicating, sensual…A baroque blend of white pepper, dates, tuberose, orange flower, jasmine, precious woods, leather, vetiver and amber crystals sumptuously overlaid with the opulence of ylang ylang and orris. A rich, ravishing, fusion of dark, light, feminine and masculine, this exclusive scent comes with a glass perfume vial designed by M·A·C and hand-blown by Seguso.
Sign me up for anything with tuberose, amber, and ylang ylang. This is definitely on my wish list.
And last, how about a gorgeous clutch to keep it all in? Yes, please!

Free Nylon Subscription from Urban Outfitters

Not only do I love Nylon, I love Urban Outfitters (I'll post soon on the sweet thigh high socks that I'm wearing with everything this winter soon). And now I love them both even more. Visit Urban Outfitters online to sign up for your free Nylon subscription. Happy holidays!

The New York Observer vs. Spanx

In case you hadn't heard, Spencer Morgan over at the New York Observer has decided that Spanx kills off all the passion in the bedroom. He says:

Removing the things—think wetsuit—presents a direct threat to the delicate status of the lovemaking at hand.
I can see that. They aren't nearly as cute as my matching red lace bra set. Or my black push up bra and matching panties. And I certainly wouldn't want Spanx in my way when I'm getting involved in crazy hot monkey sex. But, being the smart woman that I am, I know ways to get around that. I can wear my Spanx out and yet still manage to get those suckers off before it's "go time."

And while I think it's charming that he believes that most heterosexual men still enjoy women's bodies, who can enjoy a woman in a clingy wrap dress with obvious bulges in the back? Spanx keeps everything in place when we're wearing one of those outfits that just don't have a lot of room for error, as it were.

He obviously didn't like wearing them. I don't blame him, really. He says:

My derriere, never a selling point for me, was now roughly the same color as my khakis rather than the usual pasty white.

Movement of the area, particularly any sort of pliƩ-type motion, was severely impaired. And pudge around my stomach area was now made to grotesquely overflow about the edges of the wretched plastic.

One hour into the experiment, while numbing the mind with a glass of whisky, I noticed that I no longer had any sense of my manhood. That is, my boys were also numb, completely.

Dude. I'm with you. Spanx aren't for boys. Women don't have dangly parts, so we don't really have the same problem.

I think Spanx is going to be one of those things that will forever be misunderstood by men. And that's okay. Ladies, just remember: Spanx don't belong when you're ready for hot monkey sex. Do a quick change into sexy panties or just shove them in your purse while you're in the bathroom and let him think that you don't wear panties at all. Problem solved!

Bluetooth vibrating Bracelet

Net PC Direct - Bluetooth vibrating Bracelet

I can't ever find my phone - it's usually buried in my bag, even though I have a special pocket for it. Whatevs. This little bracelet vibrates and lets you know that your phone is ringing - helpful for messy people like me

What I'm Thankful For This Year

There is just so much! But here are my favorite finds so far this year.

Tom Ford Black Orchid: My favorite perfume ever. Notes include bergamot, citrus, black gardenia, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lotus wood, orchid, patchouli, sandalwood, incense, and vanilla. We joke that it smells like sex with Tom Ford.

Christian Dior: Dior Show Mascara: Simply the best mascara I have ever found. Lasts all day, no smudging about under your eyes, and gives you that falsies look without the actual falsies. I'll never be without this in my makeup bag.

Spanx Tight End Tights: The best pair of tights I have ever owned. Opaque enough to wear with the latest styles, as well as that little extra something to keep everything where it needs to be.
Nine West Taglia: These are the cutest shoes I've bought all year. Exactly as above, except in gray. Purchased in New York, if these shoes could talk, what a tale they would tell.
Mariott Residence Inn, Times Square: The best free hotel room I have ever stayed in. Not only is the bed to die for, the breakfast buffet isn't so bad either. But did I talk about the bed? Seriously. The best bed ever. EVER.
Tim Gunn: What can I say? I want Tim to come and organize my closet. I want him to organize my life. I know he would never let me leave the house looking a hot mess. He's the best.

Facebook: Who thought lame social networking could be this fun? Seriously, I enjoy it way too much.

Apple iPhone: The absolute best purchase I made all year. Oh, yeah, I had to sell my soul to AT&T, but it's so worth it. Music, movies, text messaging, and chit chat all in one place? Yes, please!

I Wish I Had Thought Of This

Back when R. and I got married. How much fun would that have been?

Makeup for Joy

Makeup for Joy

Everything Joy needs to look fabulous. Heavy on the Benefit, with their focus on neutrals and emphasizing what you've got, instead of trying to cover it up. You can be finished with your makeup in less than 5 minutes with what I've got listed here. We can always add more for drama later.

See more of my Makeup for Joy list at ThisNext.

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser

Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser

I can't say enough good things about this product. Since my hair is ultra curly, having a blowout and a flat iron is something that I want to preserve for as long as I possibly can. This "dry shampoo" does the trick. It boasts the usual Ojon smell, which can linger - especially if used with other Ojon products. It is pricey, but you don't need to use much. In fact, using too much can make your hair look rather matte after a bit of time, so resist the temptation to keep spraying it on. Brush it out well, do a quick restyle, and you're all set for another day with clean hair and a preserved blowout.

nono at Sephora

nono at Sephora

This is a really expensive beauty buy. But don't be fooled - it's not electrolysis. It is hair removal that might possibly eventually be permanent, but you will be using it as much as your regular razor. The key is that repeated use might damage the hair follicle and prevent hair from growing back, thereby reducing the density of hair growth. It is easy to use, however, and does aid in the elimination of ingrown hairs, which as we all know, is the bane of my existence. The only downside besides the price? The small. The box says there is no smell, but there is. Burning hair off your body will always have a distinct smell, although you will quickly get used to it.

Addict Ultra Gloss #313 A Bite of Toffee

Addict Ultra Gloss #313 A Bite of Toffee

An absolutely beautiful gloss. I've never tried Dior Addict gloss before (although I am a huge fan of Diorshow mascara), and now I'm wondering why that is. My SA at the Times Square Sephora store suggested this to balance the smoky eye that I was working on that day, and I was lucky enough to get the last tube. Lots of reflective particles make this a super shiny gloss, and there is no stickiness at all. The only downside to it is the fact that you must reapply it often - or perhaps that's because I'm so used to my lip stains that I'm unfamiliar with glosses. At any rate, a great buy.

If You're A Mom, You'll Appreciate This

Milan Fashion Week: Just Cavalli

I have a hard time deciding if Roberto Cavalli is a genius:

Or if he has just lost his mind:

I don't approve of caftans for men, generally speaking, although they can be done well on women:

Here is another example of an ethereal and floaty top for your enjoyment.

Can someone explain this suit to me? Because I really, really don't understand.

I will take one of these jackets, please. I love motocross chic.

Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani

According to, Mr. Armani's inspiration was the summers in southern Italy. I haven't been to Italy (yet), but I can definitely see that warm Mediterranean climate ideal coming through in his clothes.

Armani's collection was all about glittering headwraps and scarves with floaty pants tied at the knees. Fabrics were muted neutrals and were light and ethereal. I'm noticing a pattern already!

Isn't this wrap delicious? I can see myself wearing this while enjoying a cocktail in an outdoor cafe somewhere on Italy's southern coast.

Is this a caftan? I don't know. It doesn't really matter. It's gorgeous, and I'd happily wear it on the yacht that I don't have.

This dress is just dangerous. And the colors are stunning without being completely in your face. Notice the matching headwear - it was on every model on the runway.

I love this dress just for the wrap.

I'm definitely seeing the flapper resurgence in the evening wear. I think it's lovely and a nice change from the overly-revealing direction evening wear was headed in.

And it's good to see that Mr. Armani threw a print in there for those of us who really love our graphic prints and don't want to put them away yet.

Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta

Even though I'm more a fan of American fashion than I am Italian fashion, I'm still excited about Milan Fashion Week, only because in a few short months I will actually be there! So I thought I'd pay a bit more attention to what was coming down the runway in Milan, in hopes of finding a few things that I can wear while I'm there and not look like a typical American.

First up, this lovely wrap dress. Seems like everything in Bottega Veneta's show was a muted neutral, which was lovely. No brights here. The wrap dress is always a classic, because it's flattering on just about any body type.

Love the full skirt paired with the belted waist here. It's almost retro, or a throwback to the silhouette of the 1940's with a modern twist.

And the Grecian goddess look. Love, love, love. Very ethereal.

I'm in a New York State of Mind

So, I've been invited by a BFF to go hang out in NYC for three days, sans children and husbands. Right on! So, we bought some train tickets, claimed a great hotel, and are busy making plans to hit as many of the shops as we can, plus take in the Broadway show Wicked (which was a fantastic book and has gotten rave reviews, so I can't wait!).

But as the planning progressed, reality set in. New York is a lot different than Virginia Beach. What passes for streetwear here probably doesn't work in sophisticated New York. And I don't have a sophisticated wardrobe. At least, not a fall one. So I took myself over to to see if they had anything. I decided on this dress:

I think I will wear my new Steve Madden flat boots with it and some black tights. I'm feeling all black and gray this season. I also grabbed this skirt:

Then I decided that these shoes also had my name all over them, since my black flats right now are a mess:

Am I on the right track? I don't know. I obviously have more shopping to do.

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