Bare Escentuals Get Started Kit

When I was at Sephora in DC with my girlfriends, both of them ended up buying this Get Started Kit from Bare Escentuals. The SA that worked on both of them did an amazing job of showing off how great the mineral foundation can be, and I am still amazed when I see them use it on a daily basis. One of my friends with a few skin issues even noticed a general clearing up. I have not used it myself, although I have tried one or two drugstore mineral makeup brands. I do want to give it a try, though. And it came to my attention that Sephora was doing a free shipping with the purchase of one of the kits. It's a great time to give it a try and see if the fuss is something that is worth it or not. I like the fact that there is an instructional DVD - in fact, I made my friends promise to let me borrow it, just in the name of research! Anyway, pop over to Sephora and see what all the hype is about.

Looking for Jeans that Fit?

I found the most interesting site while browsing sk*rt today! asks you several questions and recommends jeans based on your answers. I was quite impressed with the results I got - almost all were jeans that I had never tried before, but are on my list now. Including Michael Kors Signature jeans, which I've been dying to try on anyway. Sign up for an account, and save all the goodness, because not only do they do jeans and plus size jeans (awesome!), but pants and bras are coming soon.

International Dress Up Day

Gala over at has this fantastic idea where once a month, she organizes an International Dress Up Day (a.k.a. i.d.u.d), and this time I'm going to participate. I don't know if I'll take pictures of myself, but how much fun would it be to dress up as your alter-ego? I'm not even sure what my alter-ego is, but I simply must figure it out! Go on over there, read about it, and join in!

An Excellent Idea...

At Personal Closet, you can clean out your closet of all that stuff you don't wear anymore. Also a great place to find bargains. Like a big online clothes swap! The best part? It's all free. No commissions or fees to get rid of your stuff. So, head on over and sell all that stuff!

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