Milan Fashion Week: Just Cavalli

I have a hard time deciding if Roberto Cavalli is a genius:

Or if he has just lost his mind:

I don't approve of caftans for men, generally speaking, although they can be done well on women:

Here is another example of an ethereal and floaty top for your enjoyment.

Can someone explain this suit to me? Because I really, really don't understand.

I will take one of these jackets, please. I love motocross chic.

Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani

According to, Mr. Armani's inspiration was the summers in southern Italy. I haven't been to Italy (yet), but I can definitely see that warm Mediterranean climate ideal coming through in his clothes.

Armani's collection was all about glittering headwraps and scarves with floaty pants tied at the knees. Fabrics were muted neutrals and were light and ethereal. I'm noticing a pattern already!

Isn't this wrap delicious? I can see myself wearing this while enjoying a cocktail in an outdoor cafe somewhere on Italy's southern coast.

Is this a caftan? I don't know. It doesn't really matter. It's gorgeous, and I'd happily wear it on the yacht that I don't have.

This dress is just dangerous. And the colors are stunning without being completely in your face. Notice the matching headwear - it was on every model on the runway.

I love this dress just for the wrap.

I'm definitely seeing the flapper resurgence in the evening wear. I think it's lovely and a nice change from the overly-revealing direction evening wear was headed in.

And it's good to see that Mr. Armani threw a print in there for those of us who really love our graphic prints and don't want to put them away yet.

Milan Fashion Week: Bottega Veneta

Even though I'm more a fan of American fashion than I am Italian fashion, I'm still excited about Milan Fashion Week, only because in a few short months I will actually be there! So I thought I'd pay a bit more attention to what was coming down the runway in Milan, in hopes of finding a few things that I can wear while I'm there and not look like a typical American.

First up, this lovely wrap dress. Seems like everything in Bottega Veneta's show was a muted neutral, which was lovely. No brights here. The wrap dress is always a classic, because it's flattering on just about any body type.

Love the full skirt paired with the belted waist here. It's almost retro, or a throwback to the silhouette of the 1940's with a modern twist.

And the Grecian goddess look. Love, love, love. Very ethereal.

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