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I was hanging around the MAC counter recently while a friend of mine got some awesome smokey eyes done (huge shout out to the MAC folks at Saks on 5th in NYC) and stumbled upon the Stylistics collection. Usually I don't pay much attention to the new MAC offerings, because I always feel like they are just slightly out of my league. I have no idea what to do with all those pigments and powders - give me my makeup cleanly labeled and in palette form, thanks. Anyway, I did find a few things that I simply must have.

First up, the most flattering lipstick I have ever put on my lips. Called "The Scene," MAC describes it like this:

An exceptionally rich lipstick that glides on with ease to a creamy, sophisticated shine. Lips feel soft, look rich and lustrous. Provides medium-buildable to full coverage with a satiny shine. To enhance and add dimension, pair with The Stylistics Lipglass. Features the exclusive detail of The Stylistics collection, a square black metal Lipstick case embellished with pearl detail. Limited edition.
Love it. Love the case it comes in. Love everything about it. Of course, they were out, and I don't actually own it.

Next up, Sheerspark Pressed Powder in Solitare. Gorgeous! This iridescent pressed powder is beige with a gold tint. Makes for an excellent highlighter, and helps give skin a nice, dewy finish. Great for evenings out. And the compact it comes in is gorgeous too - like the rest of the collection, it's black with clear and black pearl details. How sophisticated will you look pulling that out and touching up? MAC always has the best face powder.

I have to admit that I've never even smelled any of MAC's perfume lines. They were just not the counter I'd go to when thinking of perfume. But Air of Style is different. First, check out the bottle. Fabulous. MAC describes this scent as:
Warm, intoxicating, sensual…A baroque blend of white pepper, dates, tuberose, orange flower, jasmine, precious woods, leather, vetiver and amber crystals sumptuously overlaid with the opulence of ylang ylang and orris. A rich, ravishing, fusion of dark, light, feminine and masculine, this exclusive scent comes with a glass perfume vial designed by M·A·C and hand-blown by Seguso.
Sign me up for anything with tuberose, amber, and ylang ylang. This is definitely on my wish list.
And last, how about a gorgeous clutch to keep it all in? Yes, please!

Free Nylon Subscription from Urban Outfitters

Not only do I love Nylon, I love Urban Outfitters (I'll post soon on the sweet thigh high socks that I'm wearing with everything this winter soon). And now I love them both even more. Visit Urban Outfitters online to sign up for your free Nylon subscription. Happy holidays!

The New York Observer vs. Spanx

In case you hadn't heard, Spencer Morgan over at the New York Observer has decided that Spanx kills off all the passion in the bedroom. He says:

Removing the things—think wetsuit—presents a direct threat to the delicate status of the lovemaking at hand.
I can see that. They aren't nearly as cute as my matching red lace bra set. Or my black push up bra and matching panties. And I certainly wouldn't want Spanx in my way when I'm getting involved in crazy hot monkey sex. But, being the smart woman that I am, I know ways to get around that. I can wear my Spanx out and yet still manage to get those suckers off before it's "go time."

And while I think it's charming that he believes that most heterosexual men still enjoy women's bodies, who can enjoy a woman in a clingy wrap dress with obvious bulges in the back? Spanx keeps everything in place when we're wearing one of those outfits that just don't have a lot of room for error, as it were.

He obviously didn't like wearing them. I don't blame him, really. He says:

My derriere, never a selling point for me, was now roughly the same color as my khakis rather than the usual pasty white.

Movement of the area, particularly any sort of pliƩ-type motion, was severely impaired. And pudge around my stomach area was now made to grotesquely overflow about the edges of the wretched plastic.

One hour into the experiment, while numbing the mind with a glass of whisky, I noticed that I no longer had any sense of my manhood. That is, my boys were also numb, completely.

Dude. I'm with you. Spanx aren't for boys. Women don't have dangly parts, so we don't really have the same problem.

I think Spanx is going to be one of those things that will forever be misunderstood by men. And that's okay. Ladies, just remember: Spanx don't belong when you're ready for hot monkey sex. Do a quick change into sexy panties or just shove them in your purse while you're in the bathroom and let him think that you don't wear panties at all. Problem solved!

Bluetooth vibrating Bracelet

Net PC Direct - Bluetooth vibrating Bracelet

I can't ever find my phone - it's usually buried in my bag, even though I have a special pocket for it. Whatevs. This little bracelet vibrates and lets you know that your phone is ringing - helpful for messy people like me

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