Let's Talk About Cargo's Melt-Proof Makeup Collection

Summer in Virginia Beach isn't subtle. It runs in, slaps everyone in the room, settles in your favorite chair, then proceeds to overstay its welcome by about two months. It's not just hot - it's steamy. Humidity is way up there most days, with condensation on windows being a common occurrence. Or maybe that's just my A/C too high. The point is, it's sticky, hot, uncomfortable, and humidity is almost always above 90%.

When Cargo released it's Melt-Proof collection, I was thrilled. My Cargo Bronzer is a go-to, and I use it every single day. The whole idea of a set of makeup that wouldn't slide right off my oily face on a hot and humid day was extremely appealing - it rarely happens. The set includes Bronzer powder, Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara, and a 3-in-1 Eye-Cheek-Lip Palette.

The mascara is very waterproof, and probably excellent for poolside. However, we all know that I like a lot of volume, and this mascara didn't deliver it for me. That being said, I'm sure most people would find that this mascara does an excellent job - it has great coverage, and it's waterproofing abilities can't be denied. I adore the 3-in-1 Eye-Cheek-Lip Palette. The cheek is a cream blush which goes on smoothly with a finger. The eye part was also creamy, and lasted all day, including a walk to the beach, a BBQ, and a few too many mojitos. The lip was also long-lasting, but it was not a stain. Rather, I would consider it a long lasting creamy lipstick. All the colors blend well together and are easily applied. The colors are sheer and are neutral enough to work well with just about any skin tone.

Which brings us to the Bronzer. Ladies, this is some seriously dark powder! I was so used to my Cargo Bronzer in Light that I just didn't think as I reached for my bronzer brush and started applying it all over my face. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked at the end result of my wanton application: I looked like I had the most mismatched foundation in the history of makeup. After further experimentation, I was able to learn to use a light hand, and figured out how to use it sparingly enough that I didn't look like I was dying to be in Miami Beach. I would caution anyone with fair skin to be careful with this powder - it's dark, and goes on a bit heavy. But again, it does what it claims: it stays on for a long, long time through crazy conditions (see above).

Final word? Purchase only after a good testing.


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