Remember Aussie Hair Products? They Haven't Gone Anywhere

I discovered Aussie's Three Minute Miracle back in the 1980's when I used too much Sun In in my dark hair. I don't see Three Minute Miracle in their offerings anymore, which kind of makes me sad and also makes me feel old.

But there isn't enough time in the day to feel sad or old, so let's talk about what is new over in Aussie-land, shall we? Their new line is called Opposites Attract and is supposed to give you naturally beautiful hair with "staying power." The collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, and three styling products.

Opposites Attract Shampoo
is formulated to help protect your hair while giving you a touchable style. I've tried this shampoo, and it is a very gentle formula which cleanses well while still helping to retain softness.

Opposites Attract Conditioner uses botanicals to help keep hair soft and smooth. Like many conditioners, this works best if you make sure you coat each and every strand of hair.

Opposites Attract Spray Gel is designed for all hair styles, curly or straight. It creates a strong hold that doesn't end up crunchy.

Opposites Attract Styling Mousse is another product I have tried recently. It works well for curly hair like mine and helps to detangle a bit and encourages shine (which is hard with hair like mine).

Opposites Attract Hair Spray
is an extra-hold spray that is touchable as well.

Each product in the Opposites Attract line retails for about $2.99. Yes, that's all, just $2.99, which is really pretty amazing. You can find it at all the usual suspects: most mass market retailers.


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