Favorite Things: Bliss Steep Clean Moisture Lotion

I've talked at great length about my breakout prone skin, so I won't belabor the point any longer. Suffice it to say, it's hard to find moisturizers that actually moisturize without causing breakouts.

Enter Steep Clean Moisture Lotionicon. This product is an absolute necessity for those of us with aging skin that is still prone to breakouts. Formulated with retinol, vitamins, and something called "SmartSponge" technology, this light and effective moisturizer has a hidden side effect: it actually helps absorb oil produced throughout the day!

Using this has eliminated my need for a mattifier, combining two products into one. I can get awfully shiny just a few hours after my makeup is applied, and I've noticed that I get an additional few hours of a shine-free face.

This is my holy grail moisturizer, and I use it every morning, combined with a few other Bliss products that you will hear about soon.

Like most Bliss products, expect to spend a pretty penny for it. However, it really works, one bottle will last you at least six months, if not more, and I love it. Love it.

Steep Clean Moisture Lotion, $48, available at Bliss.com.


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