Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel by MD Skincare

I think I might be addicted to facial peels. A large part of my skin care routine is dedicated to the art and science of exfoliation, and I love trying out new ones. This product makes it very simple - two premoistened pads, one with the peel, and one with the neutralizing solution. Wipe the peel on first, let it sit for two minutes, then wipe with the neutralizing pad. Simple! What is really nice about this product versus what I've tried from drugstore brands is that it doesn't feel quite as harsh on the face. No awful "tight face" feel, even before moisturizer. My skin felt firmer and more healthy, so while I think the price is a bit on the high side, I do think it's a superior product.

Trench Coats

Trench Coats

I was just thinking today that it was time for a new trench. So many gorgeous options out there! So here are a few highlights of what I saw.

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Another Show to Get Addicted To

Pretty soon, I'll watch nothing but Bravo. There is always something on that I am very into, and it all began with Project Runway. Now, several series later, I've found another one that will get a season pass on my TiVO. The Real Housewives of New York City. Yes, obviously Bravo is actually inside my head.

Unlike their O.C. counterparts, these women are busy. Oh, sure, they are part of the "social scene," whatever that is, but what I'm more interested in is the fact that several of them are entrepreneurs. I really enjoy seeing intelligent, strong women representing. And don't they look fabulous?

I couldn't find any information on the Bravo site, but visit New York Daily News for the article.

Atlanta: Pretty City Sample Sale

Out of everything I did in Atlanta, I'd have to say that I had the most fun at the Pretty City Beauty Sample Sale. Of course, everything else I did was mostly work related, so that is never as fun as my beauty stuff.

First of all, check out the cupcakes! Aren't they fun? This is the Georgian ballroom in the Biltmore in Midtown Atlanta. So beautiful.
And here is a close-up of the fab cupcakes - can you tell I adore cupcakes?
Here is a shot of the ballroom as you walked in.
Here is my friend Brandy enjoying the refreshments. Did I mention the free cosmos? Wow. They were terribly good. They were made with Zodiac potato vodka, and I'm not sure that I've ever tried potato vodka, but I'm a fan now.
First we hit the Clarisonic booth. I've been interested in this product ever since I first read about it. My skin care routine is based on good exfoliation, and I had heard nothing but good things about the Clarisonic brush. Why not? Sure, sign me up for one. I should be receiving it in February. And you know I'll post all about it. The highlights are the super soft brush, the fact that it is completely waterproof (you can use it in the shower!), the timer that tells you when to switch areas of the face (20 seconds for each major part of the face!), superior cleaning abilities, and much more. But I will write more about it later, after I've been using it for a bit.

Next, we stopped by the Honey Salon table, where I fell in love with several Zoya nail colors. I also grabbed a canister of their vanilla chai loose tea, which I have not yet tried, although I'm looking forward to it. I also grabbed the following Zoya colors:
Nephertiti: a deep, dark red.
Ki: a dark smoky-gray green that is gorgeous on - I'm wearing it now.
Pru: a shimmery deep grapey purple. Can't wait to try this one, it's next on the list.

After that, we stopped by the Tracy Ewell table to browse their fantastic cosmetic selection. Natalie grabbed Brandy and did a full application of makeup, and of course, she looked fantastic.
She is truly gifted. I hope anyone in Atlanta who needs a beauty consult will call Natalie - she is fabulous. And the makeup lines that they carried were some that I had never heard of before, but am glad I found! Like Face Stockholm, for example:
I didn't purchase the above green, but I did get Aubergine, which makes for a fabulous smokey eye. I also discovered Susan Posnick cosmetics, which has a fabulous eye define pencil combining a shadow and a liner in one.

I picked the amethyst/opal combination. It's not as dark and dramatic as I normally like, but I figure I can't always wear dark looks all the time, right?

Then, we stopped by the Lumene table. This is a drugstore line from Europe that shows some promise. I bought the Vitamin C+ Invigorating Eye Serum for reducing puffiness and dark circles.
We will see how that works out. But for a special price of $5, I couldn't really pass it up.

Overall, we had a great time. Terrific music, great drinks, fun cupcakes. We were VIP, so we got a fun goodie bag with a full sized sample of Jane Iredale bronzing powder, Aquafina moisturizer (yes, there is such a thing - more on that later), coupons, gift certificates to many of the vendors present, and other fun stuff. I had a ball and would certainly go again.

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