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Product Review: LORAC aquaPRIME Oil Free Makeup Primer

I'm all about primer. Like a lot of people, when it first became popular, I thought it was just kind of gimmicky - yet ANOTHER step, another product, another thing to make me late in the morning. But as I used it (because I'm all about new product, even if it does make me late), I realized how great it really was. It helped my makeup stay on longer, gave my liquid foundation a smoother finish, and even helped keep my very oily skin somewhat matte. So it became a staple in my routine, and now I use it every morning. I haven't found one that I am in absolute love with yet, although I have a couple of favorites, so I'm still trying a bunch of them out. This was a sample I got from one of my many Sephora visits.
I was interested in this one because it claimed to be oil free. I always keep an eye out for oil free products, due to my oily skin - I don't want to add to the problem, as it were. But I also noticed that it was silicone free, which was interesting, as I thought silicone was the basis of all primers. So I totally had to try it out.
I've been using it now for five days, and I think this would be a great primer for someone who doesn't need a lot of coverage and is looking to just help boost the staying power of their foundation. I found the consistency quite odd. It's actually a liquid (hence the name, I suppose!) versus more of a thicker gel type that I'm used to. I don't know if the omission of silicone prevents it from being more of a coverage booster, or if I'm just imagining that it doesn't work well due to my dislike of the consistency. Either way, I personally wouldn't spend my money on it, although I would recommend it to my friends who have the great skin and don't wear a lot of foundation.

Old Navy is All New?

I've heard around the internets that Old Navy did a big overhaul and was all about some new design and great pieces. So I figured that I'd surf on over there before actually going to the mall to check it out, and all I can say is that I hope these things look better in person than they do online.

To be fair, maybe I'm just tired of the whole "safari explorer" thing - it's been done over and over again, and while I think it has it's place, who wants to have that much safari wear? It's just not practical.

And rompers? Really? Do adults still wear those? Perhaps I'm getting old, and it's quite possible I am, but one piece outfits on anyone over 23? Seriously? I have no words.
So, you have your safari shirt dresses, an ethnic printed tank, safari romper (!!), and some ugly shoes. It's too bad really, because I have found some good pieces at Old Navy. I wish they would go back to their graphic prints - they had something going with that. I guess for my cheap clothes fix, I'll have to stick to H&M.

New York Fashion Week: dvf

Let's face it, dvf is all about the dresses. She makes the most amazing dresses I have ever seen. And the cut is designed to actually work with a woman's body, not just a model's body, which makes me love her even more. Of course, I am a huge fan of the wrap dress, and just about every dress I own pays tribute to her in it's styling. You just can't go wrong with a good, old fashioned wrap dress.
Before I get off on a tangent, I just have to show you two gowns that I absolutely love out of her collection. No wrap dresses, just gorgeous 40's-inspired gowns.
How much do you love that black and white graphic print? I know you do.
Okay, maybe a little wrap here, but look at it. Just gorgeous and would be flattering on just about any woman.
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New York Fashion Week: Nicole Miller

I really hope Nicole Miller isn't bringing the poncho back.
Because I already did that trend not too long ago, and I didn't like it much then. I don't want to see it come around again so soon.
But ohmygosh, I love the shape of this sweater!
I don't know about the color, but that's just because I can't wear yellow worth a darn. It just makes me look vaguely ill. but the oversized aspect versus an almost crop at the waist is brilliant. Love it.
The good news is that the look that I've been sporting this fall/winter season may stick around a bit.
This is such a classic look and comfortable to boot. Which is one of the reasons I've always liked Nicole Miller - most of her things are actually wearable in real life. And I love that bag. The end.

New York Fashion Week: Rag and Bone

It's so hard to get into that fall mindset after a long winter of dark colors, but I think that Rag and Bone had a lovely show. The dress above especially appeals to me, with it's use of blue with black accents. It has a nice shape, instead of the shapeless dresses we have been seeing lately, so that was a nice change.
Okay, a bit shapeless, but an excellent use of the blue. Hang on to those opaque tights, ladies. We will get another season out of them at least.
Fantastic coat! Vague military styling with the capelet flourish. Love to see gorgeous coats with tall black boots - it's such a chic way to brave the cold.
And there always seems to be at least one motorcycle jacket that I fall for every fall fashion week. I think this year's lemming belongs to Rag and Bone.

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Weekend Sephora Haul

I was able to take a very quick trip up to DC yesterday and hit Tyson's Corner mall. Which is an absolute paradise compared to anything that we have around here. Just getting to Sephora is pretty exciting, since the closest one to me is in downtown Richmond.
At any rate, I did some shopping! Here are the things that you will certainly hear me talking about in the next week or so:
Sephora Brand Luminous Trio: These look like lovely shades to highlight with. I almost went for the bronze, but figured I might need to slowly work my way into the whole bronze thing. Is it already time to start the self bronzer routine?
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer: I love primers. I know most people can take them or leave them, but they are a key part of my makeup routine. I bought a small size green to see if it helps tone down the redness that I often get on my cheeks - and not in the right places, either.
NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Blade Runner: I don't know why this particular combo appealed to me. I don't often wear greens at all. Perhaps I was thinking I needed to branch out more. And NARS eyeshadows are always lovely to use.
Lumedia Facial Brightener by Bremenn Research Labs: I didn't actually buy this. It was my "free gift" for being a Beauty Insider. Or something. Anyway, here is what the site has to say about it:

This light emulsion is specifically formulated to reduce visible discoloration, spots, blotching, and uneven skin tone resulting from photoaging and environmental factors, while a unique full-spectrum luminizer helps restore the translucent clarity of a fresh, "baby-like" complexion.
Okay. I'll give it a whirl and see what it's all about, although I don't really have any discoloration that I know of. But I bet if I look close enough I can find some.

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