Saturday's Cocktails: Lemon Drop Mixer by Stirrings

Lemon Drop Mixer | Stirrings

Apparently, I must spend a lot of time talking about cocktails, because I was asked recently to try out the Stirrings Lemon Drop Mixer. Why, yes! I'll be happy to have a few cocktails and write about it! In fact, why not make it a weekly column? Fantastic.

So, what did I think of Stirrings? I think it makes the finest Lemon Drop martini I have ever had, and here is why: usually, when you're out having a martini and order a lemon drop, you get this concoction of some sort of sour mixer and some vodka. Stirrings is made with pure cane sugar and pure Eureka lemon juice, and you pick your vodka. It makes all the difference in the world.

But don't just take it from me. I invited a few friends over to try it out, and all agreed that it was the best Lemon Drop martini they had ever had, even if a couple of them haven't had a lemon drop anything since they were 22 and drinking it as a shooter in a beachfront bar. But that is beside the point. We are all cultivated drinkers now who appreciate fine ingredients and fine spirits. No well drinks for us, thank you very much.

You can find these at Williams-Sonoma and even Target. Keep an eye out for them because I guarantee you won't find this kind of high quality mixer in the supermarket aisle.

Inspired by New York: How to Style It

Just trying to get rid of my NYC homesickness! This set is inspired by what I typically wear when visiting. It's all about the black and gray with a pop of color.

Macy's, One of My Fav Shopping Destinations, Goes Green with Beautiful Planet

It's really like a store within a Macy's store. Now you can find select natural brands such as Burts Bees, CARE by Stella McCartney, Farmaesthetics, Nvey Eco, Origins Organics, Pangea, Terre d'Oc, and more. In addition to having high standards for the natural and organic brands Macy’s carries, all elements of the shop are created using environmentally sustainable construction methods and materials. From packaging and display fixtures to pamphlets printed on recyclable paper, this shop is truly in touch with Mother Nature.

Unfortunately, they aren't everywhere yet. If you're lucky enough to live in New York, the Herald Square Macys in Manhattan has a Beautiful Planet, as well as Boston, Paramus, NJ, Roosevelt Field in Long Island, and Philadelphia. Coming soon: are Pentagon City in DC, as well as Skokie, IL and Chicago.

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Reinvent Yourself with

I think this is a really cool concept! Just upload a picture of yourself to and see how different hairstyles and looks work for you. You can choose different looks all the time - too scared to try that pixie cut? Try it here instead. Now you never have to suffer with a crappy style - you can test drive it before you leave the house.

Joining is free, and it's not just about virtual makeovers. There is a member community, beauty tips, and a resident beauty expert on hand to answer questions. I've already joined, and will be trying out some new looks soon.

Loving Bright Lipstick? Allure Names YSL's Rouge Volupte- #10 Provocative Pink Best Bright Lipstick

And it's easy to see why! That is some seriously bright fuschia. And that tube is a work of art all in and of itself. Here is how it's described by YSL:

"A cream texture that becomes fluid on contact with your lips and nourishes them throughout the day while its colorshine complex magnifies the colour that comes in 18 shades. And its elegant golden case with YSL signature makes it a real jewel in your purse."

And you know what else? Use your super beauty-girl sense and create a piece of art inspired by the lipstick, and win a trip to NYC! Enter now for your chance to win.

Flush With Cash? Need an Eye Cream? Freeze 24/7 Is Just For You

Freeze 24▪7® Age-Less Skincare™ Anti-Aging Eye Serum

My experience with eye creams is really quite limited. I don't consider myself an expert on them, although you'd think with my puffy eyes and dark circles, I'd be trying everything on the market. The truth is, though, is that I usually forget to use it. And considering how much they typically cost, that's pretty silly. But I managed to score some samples of Freeze 24-7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum from the awesome girls over at Bath and Body Works when I was buying the Freeze 24/7 serum, and I've been trying to remember to use it. Mostly I got it once a day, but on really good days, I managed to use it twice. Go me!

However, if I was a regular user of eye creams or serums, this would be an excellent pick for me. It's not overly greasy or heavy and it does what it's supposed to do. Moisturize the delicate under-eye area and help prevent wrinkles. It also says that it helps get rid of current lines, and I would say that it does help in that area. It's not a miracle product - you're not going to eliminate your lines forever, but it does help. I also noticed a difference with my dark circles, which always show up when I forget to take my antihistimine, and this has been a particularly pollenriffic fall thus far.

The downside? The price. Holy mother of pearl, it's tough to spend this kind of cash when the economy is in the toilet. But if you're flush with cash and need to invest in a good eye serum, this is right up your alley.

Urban Decay Cosmetics - Travel Size Set of 5

Urban Decay Cosmetics - Travel Size Set of 5

I personally think that Urban Decay makes the best eyeliner ever. Not only does it go on so easy, but it lasts forever. I've managed to sleep in it and wake up looking decent, so that says a lot! Not that I recommend sleeping in makeup, mind you, but you know. It happens. But now you can get a set of five for $29, and that is a fabulous deal. They've put together Velvet Rope for the holiday collection, and it includes Yeyo (metallic white), 1999 (plum w/ teeny gold glitter), Zero (zealous black), Bourbon (brown w/ teeny gold glitter), Stash (dark green/gold). 1999, Bourbon, and Stash are in my own collection and Bourbon is an almost daily wear.

More Capsule Collections at Target, Coming Up! Anya Hindmarch Handbags

I seem to have better luck with the accessory collections at Target than I do the fashion. I'm looking forward to seeing Anya Hindmarch's line at the store. You can get a preview at Anya Hindmarch's website. Look for them to hit stores on 10/3/08.

Holiday Beauty Collections

Holiday Beauty Collections

All of these are limited edition at Sephora, and probably won't be around long. I don't know that they are technically "holiday" collections, but we usually start seeing holiday releases around this time. Enjoy!

See more of my Holiday Beauty Collections list at ThisNext.

Lazy Sunday Music: Britney Spears New Single Leaked

I'm going to give it a big "no." But what do you think? Early buzz has been good. I'm just...ugh. Not impressed.

Beauty Bytes: Celebs Spotted at Fashion Week

Celebrities Spotted at Fashion Week

Forget the models! We couldn't take our eyes off of Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley at Bryant Park

This week stars fled the red carpet and headed for Bryant Park in New York City for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. We couldn't get enough of all the celebrities in the front rows at the shows and their gorgeous hair and makeup looks.

See celebrities

Next Up at Target: Jonathan Saunders

Scottish born designer Jonathan Saunders is next up for Target's Go International collection, and will be available in most stores by 10/5/08.

I'll say it before, and I'll say it again: I love the idea of affordable fashion, but it just doesn't seem to translate into quality pieces that are worth keeping. I just hate to see designers produce "throw away" fashion.

The only exception to this is my Erin Featherston for Target winter white coat, of course. But I can say that it is the only Go International piece that I have ever purchased. I always check them out, but just don't seem to find anything that looks like it will last.

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