Product Review: 100% Pure Juicy Shower Gel

I have a thing for bath products, especially ones that smell delicious. And there is a plethora of bath products out there, how can one choose? Personally, I'm just slowly making my way through all of them so I can eventually find the ones that make me happy.

I just tried 100% Pure's Fresh Squeezed Juicy Shower Gel today, and I really liked it. It has a fantastic scent, and truly smelled like freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. It was perfect for a morning shower because it was invigorating and helped me wake up.

The one downside is that it's not a hugely foaming cleanser. This isn't a big deal at all to me, because I'm used to more natural products that don't have a lot of the lathering ingredients, but it can be a little surprising for people who aren't used to it.

100% Pure Fresh Squeezed Shower Gel retails for about $15 and can be found at stores such as The Limited, Bath and Body Works, and Ulta.


Unknown said...

As an interesting note:

Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation in Chicago, reported last week that a study showed that women wearing the scent of pink grapefruit were perceived by men to be six years younger than their age.

Norbert Rug
Akron Grove Bath Products

January 28, 2009 at 8:05 AM

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