Bored with Flat Hair? How About a Change to Bouncy Hair with Volume?

I'm not afraid to say it: I'm over flat hair. I've been straightening my hair for 3 1/2 years, and seriously, I'm bored with it. Ever since I dyed my hair smoky black and got rid of the red streaks, I'm not interested in getting that smooth flat look.

But what other options are there, you ask? How about fun, beachy, volumized curls? Or even waves? How about doing something completely different than every other girl out there with her flat hair?

Enter velcro rollers. Truly, a gift for those of us who need a bit of bounce. Cheap, easy to use, and effective. You can use them on wet, dry, or even damp hair. You can create corkscrew curls, bouncy large curls, or even skip it and just go for volume at the roots. They can be time consuming at first, and there is a bit of a learning curve, but soon you'll be wondering how you did without them.

First, get yourself a good set of rollers that offers several different sizes. If you're just going for volume at the roots, get a set of six jumbo rollers - the biggest you can find. Everyone else will probably prefer various different sizes. Because it's Earth Day, try the Conair Bamboo Self Grip Rollers, 28-Pack.

Most people will tell you to dry your hair completely first, and lightly spray your hair (I use Elnett, it's the best ever). I think that's great, but I'm trying to minimize the damage to my color-treated hair, so I put the rollers in when my hair is still damp. Section hair by the crown (top of the head), back, left and right. Using a rattail comb and starting at the bottom of each section, grab a section of hair that is no wider than the roller and no thicker than about two inches. Roll hair under and make sure the roller is flush against the head. Use a bobby pin or roller clip to hold in place if need be. You will probably have about three rollers per section, if not more.

Next, I like to wrap it up in a silk scarf and go find something else to do until it dries. If you're the impatient type, you can hit it with your hairdryer. Extra points if you have a soft bonnet hair dryer. I just bought one today, and haven't used it yet. More details to come.

After the curls are completely dry, carefully and without pulling (which will cause frizz) remove rollers. Let them completely cool if you used heat before brushing out. Otherwise, brush with a natural bristle brush if you wish, spray generously, and style as usual.

If you're going for volume only with straight hair, dry hair completely and flat iron. Take the jumbo rollers and roll only the crown section of your head in the rollers. Let sit for 15-30 minutes, carefully remove, and spray with a good hairspray to keep the roots up.

Have you tried velcro rollers? Are there other rollers you prefer? How do they work for you?

Because You're Worth It: Beautiful Compact for the Tribeca Film Institute

For the Eighth-Annual Tribeca Film Festival, L’Oreal Paris and Carelle have created the final compact in a series for the 2009 Awards’ Season. Featuring Black Onyx, a stone aptly chosen for its meaning of resilience, the compact will be presented to a female documentary filmmaker whose work exemplifies an innate sense of social responsibility. The powerful design is softened by a frame of diamond-inlaid, 18K gold mirrored leaves, representative of the delicate balance of elegance and determination that makes the Woman of Worth extraordinary.

You can bid on this gorgeous compact at Ebay, and 100% of the benefits will go directly to the Tribeca Film Institute. There are 67.4 carats of black onyx, 0.53 carats of diamond, and retails for approximately $4200.

Macys Friends and Family

Just got word that one of my favorite stores is having a major friends and family event. From April 29 through May 4, you can save an additional 25% on almost everything.

Happy shopping!

Are Female and Male Acne Really Different?

There is a theory out there that acne is caused by two different things in men and women. Acne in women is usually caused by estrogen and progesterone and acne in men is caused by testosterone. I think this is probably very true if you're prone to hormonal acne.

And if you are, there is a new natural system out there that might work for you.The CTRL Clear Skin System was developed with the differences between men and women in mind.

Here are five facts about women's acne that you might find interesting, according to CTRL:

  • female skin is 25% thinner and more delicate than men's skin
  • female skin typically creates less oil than male skin and is more sensitive to harsh ingredients
  • female skin is more acidic than male skin creating a drier skin surface
  • female skin is more sensitive to breakouts and acne infections than male skin
Conversely, we have the following regarding male skin:
  • male skin is affected by testosterone and circulating DHT
  • male skin skin has significantly more DHT receptors leading to oily skin and thick pore clogging sebum
  • Male skin has a higher surface level pH than females which can lead to the potential of increased bacterial growth
The science behind CTRL is based on four factors that can trigger acne: hyperkeratinization, sebum production, infection and inflammation. The system uses a proprietary 5 alpha Phyto-Technology featuring patented ingredients that attack the root source of acne by reducing oil/sebum production while also delivering prebiotic complexes that are designed to kill bacteria deep in the pores. Salicylic acid is used to clear away dead skin cells and other debris.

The system includes a face wash and treatment cream. It's easy to use, and works well. I used the system for a month, and had wonderfully clear skin with very few problem breakouts, and those were probably my own fault, since they always cropped up after I forgot to wash my face.

In the interest of telling it like it is, I want to warn you: the smell of these products is not good. I'm told that it is due to the nature of all-natural ingredients, and the fact that there is no added fragrances to the product. I think it would be ideal for those who not only suffer from acne, but have sensitive skin to boot.

An extremely effective system if you can handle the smell. Grab a starter kit for only $6.95 - you get the facial cleanser, treatment cream, and a bonus spot treatment. It's an excellent deal.

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