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A New Fragrance by Banana Republic is Coming Soon

Banana Republic is launching Republic of Women soon (I thought it was already out, but I'm not finding it on the website), and it's a lovely fragrance.

It's definitely in the floral category, but it's a sophisticated floral, which is exactly what you would expect from Banana Republic. The top notes are:

  • osmanthus
  • bergamot
  • lychee

Middle notes of:

  • peony
  • jasmine
  • Moroccan rose
Base notes include:

  • precious woods
  • soft musk
I'm not a huge fan when I first apply it, but the drydown is actually quite lovely. It kind of hits you with it's florals, then settles into a nice, wearable, daytime fragrance. This doesn't grab you and make you believe in it, but it is subtle and respectable.

In the Battle of the Lip Balms, I Declare a Winner

Like many of you, I'm obsessed with lip balms. I mean, really, who wants "chappy lips" as we call them in my house? I can't do anything without something on my lips, and the last thing I do before going to sleep is to put something on my lips to keep them moisturized and heathy through the night, since I know my daytime lip is going to involve color, rather than nutrition.

Enter Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Lip Moisturizer. I received this to try while I was in New York recently, and when I couldn't find my usual Rosebud salve, I decided to try this one out. At first, I thought it was a little weird. First of all, it's a pretty large bottle, nothing like your usual lip balm. Then, I pumped some out, and it was a clear gel. I thought for sure this was going to be a big bust, because, really? A clear gel? How moisturizing could that be? I was wrong. It doesn't take much - just a tiny bit smoothed on your lips feels absolutely amazing. It's nice and thick, just like I like my balms to be, and it lasts a long time.

I'll be keeping this on my nightstand for the winter - it's going to ward off dry, cracked, and uncomfortably dry lips. Grab it at for $24.95/.47 oz.

Michael Kors is Very Hollywood and Has a Lot Going On

Michael Kors loves to bring the fabulous, doesn't he? And he thinks that we all need to be red carpet ready, so he has launched a new fragrance collection, Very Hollywood, as well as a website,

The collection is unusual, in that it has a few things that we don't normally see. Of course, it's extremely visually appealing, which is exactly what we expect from Michael, with lots of pink glamour. Let's take a look at the entire collection.

Very Hollywood Michael Kors Luxe Perfume Spray. 1.0 oz, $300.
Like a best-actress award on the dressing table, the Hollywood Luxe Perfume Spray steals the spotlight. Truly a fragrance fit for Hollywood royalty.

Very Hollywood Michael Kors Eau de Parfum Spray. 1 oz, $45/1.7 oz, $65/3.4 oz, $85.
The essence of Hollywood glamour in a bottle. The fragrance debuts with mandarin and iced bergamot as the plot unfolds with wet jasmine, ylang ylang and raspberry against gardenia and topped with Italian orris, creamy amber, and soft white moss with vetiver for the perfect Hollywood ending.

Very Hollywood Michael Kors Hollywood Fabulotion. 5.0 oz, $45.
Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but this luxurious, lightweight lotion will leave skin soft, smooth, and looking like a million dollars.

Limited-Edition Very Hollywood Michael Kors Hollywood Signature. $25.
This golden statuette pen is idea for signing autographs at the after party, with ink that is scented with the Very Hollywood Michael Kors fragrance.

Limited Edition Very Hollywood Michael Kors Hollywood Gem Solid Perfume Ring. $40
Cause a stir on the red carpet with this one-of-a-kind cocktail ring. A solid perfume is discreetly concealed beneath the dazzling pink bauble. Perfect for touch-ups in the limo.

I don't know about anyone else, but I really want one of the pens! It's pink AND is has scented ink! Ridiculous, but how fun would it be to whip it out?

To compliment this fragrance launch, Michael Kors also launched the website, which has a ton of really cool features. First, enter the Hollywood Correspondents Contest, where you will receive a trip to a red carpet event where you will report on your experience via video and Twitter.

The Starring You application is a super fun thing where you upload your own photos and create a tabloid-like layout that you can share on Facebook or email. Michael's Faves is updated every month with Michael's beauty tips, and the latest popular accessories. Also on the site is The Campaign, which gives you an in-depth look into the making of Very Hollywood and all those who were involved.

And as a special bonus, I'll let you in on a little secret: if you visit the website soon and click around, you'll find that you can download Lady Gaga's The Fame for free. Enjoy! I'm off to buy a scented pen.

My Hands Always Tell Me When Fall is Coming

It never fails - as soon as the weather begins to turn, my hands and cuticles start getting extremely dry and not so pretty looking.

I only just noticed it yesterday, but the weather here has still been fairly warm and mild, and I think our first cold front just recently moved through, bringing the temps down into the 50s at night at 60s during the day.

I love it, because I get to break out my fall clothes, fall makeup, and fall shoes. But I don't love this dry hand thing. And really, it's the only part of me that really gets dry - I never experience dryness on my face or even my elbows - just my hands, and especially my cuticles.

Luckily, I was lucky enough to be given a small tube of Upper Canada Soap & Candle All About Hands Avocado Daily Moisture Lotion recently to try out. It has been sitting on my desk, just kind of hanging out, for a really long time. However, as I started to chew on a dry cuticle while typing up a post, I grabbed it, hoping that it would at least distract me, if nothing else.

I'm impressed with it, honestly. It gives good solid moisture, and the feeling lasts for quite some time. I imagine combining the Exfoliating Hand and Elbow Scrub with it would absolutely be divine. As it is, just using the lotion has banished my dry cuticles, saving them from more damage from my nasty habit of chewing on any that I can feel.

Other products in the avocado line include Daily Moisture Hand Wash, Avocado Moisture Rich Hand Mask, Restorative Hand and Nail Milk Soak, and Revitalizing Hand Butter.

It's not super easy to find, but like most things, you can always find it on

Style Alert: Payless Having their BOGO Sale Now

Remember when I was discussing those Christian Siriano boots by Payless awhile back? Well, I was walking around the mall yesterday and I noticed that they were having their "BOGO" sale, or buy one get one half off.

Now, I can never find those ankle boots in my local stores, perhaps those of you who live somewhere that doesn't utilize a mail mule would be able to grab them. As for me, I have to shop online to find the really great stuff. Here is what I purchased from the sale:

Alice + Olivia boots just make me happy with their redness. I have no idea what I'm going to wear them with, but I'll figure it out.

I am always looking for a nice pair of black flats, because I go through them like water. I am on my feet all day at work, and don't usually wear heels, but always need a nice pair of flats to wear with trousers. These American Eagle Eve Ballet Ruffle flats will go with most of what I usually wear during the winter.

And did you know Payless offers FREE In-Store Delivery? Just have them deliver it to your nearest store, and you don't pay a cent for shipping. It's well worth it. Happy shopping!

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