Tom Ford Brings Me Pleasure Once Again

Tom Ford is my make-believe boyfriend. Everything he does is just beyond stylish and there isn't anything better than a gorgeous older man in a Tom Ford suit. I'm just saying.

However, this isn't about my obsession with Tom Ford the man. Clearly I have one, but this is about Tom Ford the fragrances. In 2007, Mr. Ford created his Private Blend Collection which included 12 fragrances. Several have been added since then, and all of them are extremely unique.

I don't have a Tom Ford beauty counter anywhere near me, so I was excited to visit the counter at Neiman Marcus in Dallas. All of the fragrances were amazing, but I had to make a choice, and I ended up choosing Champaca Absolute.

Champaca is a relative of the magnolia tree, which has never done much for me in terms of scent. Perhaps most magnolia scents I've smelled were artificial, I'm not sure. So I'm a little surprised that I would be so interested in a champaca note, but I'm not adverse to all grand florals, especially if they are sultry.

And this one definitely qualifes as sultry. In fact, the cognac note makes it wanton and drunken. It's like a perfectly well dressed woman who has just snuck away from a secret rendevous and didn't quite get her blouse situated perfectly. Which is exactly what I expect from Tom Ford - the man has managed to bring pure sex to the market, in my opinion.

The amber and sandalwood base lingers, and it's not overly sweet, which is a departure from most florals. This one just continues to deepen and grow more interesting as you wear it.

And I have other Tom Ford news: the man himself is releasing a line of lipsticks! No product photos yet, or even many details except that there will be 10 shades in the line, but I'm hoping one that will make me look like this:

Complete with the glasses, please. Thanks.


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