Is There Such a Thing as Perfection?

Picture this, if you will: I am strolling through Neimans in Dallas, just all sorts of happy because I had discovered the Tom Ford counter and made a large purchase, when I am suddenly accosted by a man who swore he had, in his very possession, the "best concealer in the world."

Now, I've heard a lot of claims about a lot of makeup. So of course my reaction is one of laughter - really? Is it really, really the best concealer ever? Truly?

So I settled myself into his chair and proceeded to let him work his magic.

And beauties, it was MAGIC. The fine laugh lines under my eyes? Gone. Dark circles from too much rum and coke the night before? Gone. Puffy eyes from sleeping on unfamiliar hotel pillows that I'm allergic to? Gone.

My holy grail of concealers:

Behold: Cle De Peau Concealer. I don't know what else to say about this little tube of perfection, other than it is creamy yet light, goes on like a dream, and makes my face look fantastic.

I feel somewhat irresponsible for recommending a $78 concealer to anyone, however, if you are like me, and spend a lot of time and energy trying to fix your eye problems, then this concealer might just be for you. I was assured that it would last forever, so that made me feel a bit better.

Obviously, you should give this one a try before you plop down a fortune on it. If you have a Neiman Marcus or a Nordstrom near you, you can probably try it there. But do give it a chance - I'd love to hear what others say about it.

New Coupon from Ulta

Golden Globes Looks: Tips and Tricks from Sue Devitt

Makeup artist to the stars Sue Devitt has picked her three top looks from the Golden Globes and tells us how to get these amazing looks.

Nicole Kidman paired a bold lip with intense lashlines (versus lid color). Sue says:

She appears to have used a peach cheek gel, you can tell her skin is well cared for and simply radiates moisture. A sleek, side swept chignon added to her classic, timeless look.
Recommended products: 70% Triple Seaweed Gel Foundation, Lipstick in Hollywood,
Microquatic (TM) Gel-To-Powder Blush in Malay Reef, Eye Illuminator Pencil in Pointe Noire, and E-Z Eye Rollerball Eye Shadow in Nola.

Emily Blunt went with a more subdued look. Sue says:
A dusty pink blush lifted her cheekbones up to there, second only to her piercing blue eyes, smoked up with a complimentary shadow palette. Rose hued lips seal the deal and added extra polish.
Recommended products: Silky Blush in Los Angeles, Mini Lip Gloss in Alanya, and Microquatic Hydrating Marine Minerals Eye Palette in Kilimanjaro.

Anna Kendrick did a muted lip and bold eye combination. Sue says:
Her matte, porcelain complexion is flawless and lends a picturesque canvas to her wide, rimmed eyes and stunning smile. As a fresh, young new comer, Anna succeeds in looking like herself, only better - the ultimate sign of success in red carpet glamour.
Recommended products: Hydrating Marine Minerals Loose Powder, Eye Intensifier Pencil in Pointe Noire, and Microquatic Lip Enhancing Gloss in Telina.

This Week at Beauty Blog Link Love

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That's all for this week! Stay beautiful :)

I've Missed You!

Apologies for the absence, beauties - I was in Dallas combining work with pleasure! I had some amazing beauty experiences down there in the big city, and wanted to give you a quick preview of what I'm working on to share with you!

  • An absolutely amazing afternoon with Susan Posnick, who took time out of her weekend to show us her offices and studio. I will have some video of Susan sharing her expertise and her products with us.
  • I finally got to experience the fragrance chamber at the Frederic Malle counter at Barneys in Dallas. I don't know that fragrance could be so entertaining and interesting!
  • I have big news from the ever-fabulous world of Tom Ford Beauty. I also made a purchase from the Private Blend collection that I can't get enough of!
  • I experienced what was called the "best concealer in the world," and made that purchase too.
  • I visited the Bond No. 9 counter at Saks with Paula from Older Girl Beauty. Do you think I purchased something? 
So stay tuned - I have so much to write about! And I loved Dallas - I could live there!

This Week's Glamarazzi Tour

Edited By: Iggi
It's about that time... Glamarazzi time! This weeks roundup is filled great links as usual. Thanx Ladies. Keedah and I are thrilled with the progress of Glamarazzi and are very proud of the blogs involved. The Glamarazzi is great group of bloggers and if you would like to join us simply click on the badge and you find all the info you need.
The Glamarazzi (Small)
Now let's get started...
Make-up/Music/Money/Me shows us her fierce $1 manicure and is kind enough to share where she got it...a recessionista with a heart!!
The Informed Makeup Maven has a fabulous and unique Valentine's Day Giveaway/Competition
Sparklecrack Central has a birthday coming up and to celebrate she is giving away great goodies for Week 3 of her Birthday Contest.
Diary Of Style Addict has created some amazing nail art with Rescue Beauty Lounge No More War with Gold and Sparkles ...the girl is talented!!
Read all about Project Danielle's diasterous madcap day at the mall in "Rant: What happened to Jersey Gardens?"
Blaq Vixen Beauty has a step by step, product by product breakdown of Mo'Nique's Golden Globe look. A wonderfully detailed post including pix of Mr.Sam Fine creating the actual look.
High End For Your Rear End gives you the best glossy covers of the month in "Cover Girls"
K is for Kinky has a honest and informative product review for us: : Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
Glamour Whore gives you a sneak peek at Chanel's upcoming "Coco Rouge" line of lipsticks.

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