Proenza Pink Lipstick by Lancome

Yeah, I'm coming in late on this one. Frankly, I'm surprised that anyone actually LIKED this lipstick to begin with - it's lighter than bubblegum pink. I mean, frankly, it's completely unwearable. It was created specifically for Proenza's show and like most everything you see in fashion shows, it's not wearable by the majority of the public. But surely no one sees these shows and thinks that they are seeing anything other than art, right? Well, apparently consumers have snapped up this hideous lipstick and are even paying super high prices for it on eBay. My question is, why? Why on earth would anyone think that this lipstick is meant for daily use? It's hideously ugly. Oh, I'm sure it was perfect in a fashion show setting, but real life? I don't think it's going to look good on anyone, unless they are deathly pale, white-blond, and totally into that "ghastly" look. Anyway, the NY Times had a piece on this which I added to my over to the left. Take a look and see what you think.


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