Pajama of the Day: Bubble Sateen

Why, hello Miss Popular! These pajamas have been seen on Oprah, Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, and Martha Stewart's shows. Maybe they have magical powers? I don't know, but they are super cute. Anything with chocolate brown and pink just looks so modern these days.

Made out of cotton sateen with a button up top and drawstring pants. Sizes XS through XL, but do check the sizing chart - it looks a bit wonky.

$99.98 at

Saturday's Cocktails: Autumn in New York

I'm writing this a little early, because I'll be traveling this weekend. Although I won't be in New York, which is rather disappointing, because there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be. However, this weekend I'm setting for Washington DC and some fun with friends.

But since I'm feeling homesick for my NYC, I leave you with this extremely tasty cocktail by Drink of the Week:

Autumn in New York

  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1 oz hard apple cider
  • 1 oz (fresh pressed if you can get it) apple juice
  • 1/2 oz simple syrup
  • 1/2 oz lemon juice

Shaken till well chilled, strained into a martini glass rimmed with pure maple sugar. Garnished with an apple slice.

And if you aren't quite sure who to rim your martini glasses with maple sugar, check out this Three Tier Glass Rimmer from Want!

Pajama of the Day: Craziness

These are just wonderfully crazy and I love them. Bright and colorful, these just make me happy. I think any way you can add a huge spark of color to your day, it just makes things better. These are actually on my holiday wish list.

Made of 100% cotton sateen, these look as if they run true to size, no need to go up. Sized small through x-large, you should be able to find the size that works for you. Be sure to check the size chart.

$125 at

Total Beauty Web Tour

Here is your weekly download of all the great beauty chat this week on the intertubes. Enjoy!

Viva Woman finds out if there is a limit to layering more skincare products on our face at any one time?

Beauty Anonymous is interested in checking out the MAC Hello Kitty Collection.

Alison of the Advice Sisters has been featuring holiday gift ideas, but she also blogged this week about , where 40% of the design had to be pure chocolate..delicious!

Beauty Junkies Unite hopes you win the Benefit 24K Sexy Gold GIVEAWAY!

Trisha over at Makeup Files shows you how to ask for makeup this holiday season.

Fabulous Over Forty is reviewing several 2008 Holiday Collections. See which ones are her favorites this season.

Neon Bible tells you
what bra you need to buy today and reviews the new Heidi Klum collection lipstick from Victoria's Secret

Fashion designer
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Frappelattes gives us a preview of new Essie nail polish colors for Winter 2008!

Beauty Tyrant is hosting her first beauty giveaway this week. She is giving away a Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener Iron for FREE! to one lucky winner all this week.

Makeup Bag visits the Clarins Spa in Neuilly, France

Julie at More than a Pretty Face loves the new formula and colors for Obsessive Compulsive Colour Lip Balms

The Makeup Divas reviews MAC Adoring Carmine 5 Basic Brush Bag.

The Home Spa Goddess shares her obsession with Revlon's Limited Edition Crushed Velvet Lip Creme.

Are you a recessionista? Chat with Beckie and Jamie of Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog great drugstore alternatives?

Suzanne at RN Guide to Skin Care reviews Avon Skin So Soft Age-Defying+ Corrective Neck & Chest Treatment .

The Beauty Blog reviews Wen Hair Care.

Mineral Makeup Reviews discusses Serious Skin Care ProMinerals ProNano Brightening Powder.

Enter to win to a Karmin Titanium Hair Straightener Iron on A Mom in Red High Heels! Contest ends 11-17-08.

Boutique Flair talks about building your beauty with self esteem!

Monique at Beauty Girl Musings has used an amazing kit that has given her clearer, fresher looking skin! Find out what it is!

Beauty411 takes a look at MAC's Passions of Red Holiday Collection!

Nur @ I Love Looking Good thinks this holiday is about All that Sparkles. Gorgeous makeup collection from The Body Shop.

Alison of the Advice Sisters will be blogging daily about holiday gift ideas, but she also reported this week on the chocolate show, where at least 40% of the fashions on the runway had to be made of pure chocolate and LUCKY SHOPS which brings the pages of this shopping magazine, to life.

Beauty Blogging Junkie shares how you can dazzle like Twilight's Edward in the meadow with these highlighters. Get gleamy!

The girls over at Beauty in Real Life have 5 copies of celebrity makeup artist, Carmindy's latest book to giveaway. Click here to get all the info!

Are you a Recessionista? Chat with Jamie and Beckie at Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog about budget-friendly drugstore alternatives.

Glossypink tells you about the little makeup brush with big possibilities!

Indian Girl is bringing you yummy Beauty Secrets from a Food Blogger, in her new weekly feature !

CaliforniaCosmetics gives an in depth review of Purminerals Starter Kit and Brush Set and what's purfect about them!

Hot Beauty Health shows you how to prevent stretchmarks using help you spend $25 or less on holiday gift giving"

"Greige" manicures are all the rage. Click here to learn Spoiled Pretty's favorite polish for nailing the trend.

For the Men Fridays:

YSL's best selling men's fragrance, L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent, is extending their line to include several fantastic new products:

  • The non-oily texture of the Anti-fatigue Stick invigorates the skin in one single movement
  • The Moisturizer, also enriched with mineral salts (sodium, magnesium) and trace elements (zinc and manganese), is lightly tinted to give an immediate Healthy Look
  • Radiant Touch is the first pen brush to fight puffiness and dark circles, created specifically for men!
See the entire line at YSL Beauty.

Pajama of the Day: Go Green With Bamboo

I can attest to the renewable resource that is bamboo. I had a small plant that was in my backyard that threatened to take over my entire house, front yard, and back yard. And no matter how much of it you cut down, it came back in triplicate. I'm as pleased as punch that someone can take that type of resource and actually do something with it! Like create these gorgeous and classy pajamas.

Not only do they claim to be hypoallergenic, but they are supposed to have a luxurious cashmere-like feel to them. Bamboo is apparently naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-odor. Interesting! And you can machine wash them in cold and tumble dry on low. Does it get any better than this?

$59.99 at

How to Wear It Thursdays: Cloche Hats

One of my favorite hats is a cloche. They are so elegant and not many people wear them. I tend to stick with simple black or winter white ones, but I couldn't resist this one with a purple feather. Gorgeous!

Perfect for when you're going to be spending a lot of time walking around out in the cold. Pair it with a matching coat, and you've got the basics for a ton of compliments throughout the day. Keep it classy - mixing a cloche with motorcycle boots, for example, really isn't going to work. It does best when paired with very feminine accessories: lovely sunglasses, heels, scarves. Mix it with a swing coat or a flat cut, but keep the coat length long. They look lovely with trenches, especially if you're wearing a silk scarf. And to keep the mysterious look going, don't forget your favorite Tom Ford fragrance blend and coordinating shades.

Pajama of the Day: Thermal Nighshirt by PJ Salvage

Not technically pajamas, but that's okay. I adore PJ Salvage, they are so soft and comfortable, and sometimes I just want a shirt.

This is 55% cotton and 45% rayon, so it will hold it's shape beautifully, and you don't have to worry about special washing instructions. Henley style top has four buttons and a small pocket. I don't know why there is a pocket, maybe you'll want to store your pet mouse in there or something. No idea.

Sizes are fairly true to form, although they don't seem to have anything other than medium and large in stock.

$56 at

Over at Beautiful! Fabulous!: What's Up With White Concealer?

My weekly article is up over at Beautiful! Fabulous! and I'm exploring just what exactly white concealer is, and why you're seeing more of it out there. Go check it out!

Limited Edition Seasonal Favorites at the Body Shop

It's that time of year again! All the bath and body companies are putting out their seasonal scents, and since we love limited edition anything, we're covering them all!

The Body Shop has three favorites this year: Cranberry, Vanilla Spice, and Warm Amber, which is my personal favorite. The Cranberry seems to have the most options, but you can find some shimmering goodness in any of them.

And, I found a coupon code for you: Bath and Body Products - 30% Off. Shop Now

Happy shopping! And don't forget your hostess gifts!

Product Review: Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch by Clarins

Every time I get my hands on a Clarins sample, I end up running out as soon as it's gone and buying a full sized version of it. I absolutely love their products, although I actually resist going to the counter and having a consult, because I know I'll end up buying every darn thing there.

But recently, I got my greedy little hands on a sample of Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch thanks to a beauty event at Nordstrom. Since I'm not very organized, I just recently pulled it out and started using it.

I love it. Love it, love it. It smoothes on incredibly easy, and feels almost as if it melts into your face. While it feels substantial (and almost heavy) during application, by the time you smooth it on, it is literally weightless. This is a concern of mine, due to my oily skin problem - I don't need one more product to make that problem worse.

And it does amazing things with the wear of your makeup as well. I used it under several foundations, including my Too Faced Magic Wand Illuminating Foundation, as well as my Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation, and both were looking quite fresh at the end of the day.

As I said, I'll be running out this weekend and buying a full size. It's quite simply one of the best primers I have ever tried.

Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, $28 at

Pajama of the Day: Dragon by PJ Salvage

I love PJ Salvage. I have managed to pick up a couple of pairs off the clearance rack and my local Nordstroms, and they quickly turned into my go-to jammies for ultimate comfort and softness. The prints are always unique, and they are super easy to care for.

This set is medium wear, so you can get more wear throughout the year. Not too heavy, not too light. Great for transitioning from warm to cold or cold to warm. Unfortunately they are only listing XS and L at the moment, but do check back, because they will be getting more. They are clearly a very popular pajama, and for good reason!

$64.99 at

Gift Idea: Primpcess by Benefit

If I found this little gem in my stocking, I certainly wouldn't be disappointed! Benefit's Primpcess contains some pretty fantastic things:

  • boi-ing 02 concealer
  • creaseless cream shadow/liner in r.s.v.p.
  • 3 powder shadows: for contouring, accenting & lining
  • BADgal mini mascara
  • eye bright instant eye brightener
  • brushes galore & a beauty lesson
And if you're concerned about cash, has a great deal for you: Get FREE US Standard Shipping with order of primpcess. Enter promo code PRIMPING at checkout. Offer valid Nov. 11 thru Nov. 17. Not valid with any other offers.

Crafters and Artisians in the Hampton Roads Area, This is For You!

The Elements Center for Yoga and Massage Therapy is hosting the First Annual Artisian's Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, December 13 from 10 AM to 5 PM. If you are a artisian, don't miss your chance to showcase your work at this unique and fun venue. Also, it is a juried show, so you can really shine.

To get more information on vending, please contact traci at or visit the Holiday Bazaar page online. She can set you up with further information, an application form, and all that good stuff. The application deadline is November 26, so be sure to get set up before then.

And I will see you there!

Gift Idea: Delirium & Co. Royal Amber Candle

Delirium & Co. - Royal Amber Candle at

Candle Delirium in LA has released their own line of scented candles. Divided into two periods, the Blue period which is said to evoke a sense of European splendor, royalty, and sophistication and the White Period which is said to be indicative of elegance, beauty, and style. This Royal Amber candle belongs to the Blue Period. It burns about 55 hours, weighs in a almost 8 ounces, and is a soy blend wax.

Pajama of the Day: Sock Monkeys

How does everyone feel about Christmas morning pictures? I personally can't stand them, but I accept them as part of my life that I can't do anything about. I figure if I'm going to be photographed in my jammies first thing in the morning before I've had my espresso, they might as well make a statement of some sort. So I'm really digging these sock monkey pajamas for my early morning photo shoot this year.

100% cotton, in the form of cozy flannel, which means easy care. Generous sizing, from small to xxx-large, which is nice. Sizing seems to run true to form, which is also nice. Button down top, elastic waistband on the pants. Best of all? The price.

A reasonable $24.99 at

Ask Me Mondays: Monistat as Primer?

Q: I've heard that you can use Monistat as a makeup primer, and it works just as well. Is that true?

I assume you're talking about Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, and I've heard that too.

Looking at the ingredient list of Monistat and the majority of other makeup primers, the ingredients look remarkably similar. What we're really talking about is silicones, the same product they use in many hair care products to "seal" the hair shaft and create smoothness.

And since the Monistat product was approved for cosmetic use, there isn't any reason to think that it wouldn't be completely safe to use on your face. In fact, I know many beauty bloggers who have used it and love it. And the price is certainly right!

I've put together some further links for you, all of which agree. I wasn't able to find any reason at all why you couldn't use the Monistat for this reason.

If you try it, be sure to report back how it works!

Pajama of the Day: Lipstick, Lipstick Everywhere

This is a fantastic lounging set with a soft cotton knit top and cotton sateen lounge pants. Plus, there are lipsticks all over the pants. Lipsticks! I love it!

The pants are a comfy drawstring and can be machine washed in cold water. Really perfect for that Sunday that you're going to stay in bed, drink coffee, and read the paper.

$64.98 at

Lazy Sunday Music: Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer

I just heard this song for the first time in ages on internet radio. I promptly got into a discussion with some co-workers about what it was originally about, and none of us really knew, so it prompted a trip to the song's Wiki page (yes, they have a Wiki about everything now). Apparently it was written in the early 80's about our space exploration (or lack thereof). Interesting, no?

Then, of course, I went and downloaded it, and listened to it a million times. It's really quite haunting.

Grab it at Tasmin Archer - Great Expectations - Sleeping Satellite.

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