Meet for Drinks: Sephora by OPI

Described as a plum metallic shimmer, I am in love with this shade. Part of the new Sephora by OPI shades, this one is a standout of the entire collection. Grab yours at Sephora.

Other colors I'm dying to try:

  • Metro Chic
  • Never Enough Shoes
  • Brunette on the Internet
  • Caffeine Fix
  • Ms. Can't Be Wrong
  • Opening Night

Secret Bliss Sale! Up to 50% Off!

Bliss World, LLC
I love Bliss. It's true. I have not yet visited the spa in NYC, but it is on my list of things to do the next time I am in town. Their oxygen masks for the face and eyes just can't be beat.

Labor Day always means great sales, and you won't find this one on their website. Just click through to enter the store and do your shopping. Enjoy!

Solange - Sandcastle Disco

I know Solange is constantly accused of fashion fouls, but I think she looks fabulous here. Of course, she's wearing my favorite color at the beginning, so that might help. I've been listening to her quite a bit lately. Grab the single at Solange - Sol-Angel & the Hadley St. Dreams - Sandcastle Disco.

Fall Is Here: Styling the Popular Boyfriend Cardigan

I'm glad Gap is bringing the boyfriend cardigan back, but really, it never left my closet. It's such a comfortable layer to wear on the weekends when you're just laid back but ready for anything. It's important to watch your volume with the jeans and cardigan combo. If your cardigan is full, go for a skinnier cut jean. Mix and match flats, boots, and even heels if you're going somewhere fun. I stuck with a neutral palette here, but obviously you can make it as bright as you want, especially since we're going to continue to see brights through the winter season this year.

Total Beauty Beauty Byte: Trendy, Tacky, and Crazy Celebrity Nails

Trendy, Tacky and Wacky Celebrity Nails

Think You Know Who's Who? Play this beauty game by matching celebrities to their hands, from chipped polish to crazy acrylic nail designs

We often check out celebrities' hair and makeup but we don't always think to look at their nails. Turns out we should be paying more attention. Here we bust stars wearing everything from extra long and red faux nails (yikes!) to short and dark chipped polish. We even discovered a nail biter in the group. Test your knowledge and see how well you can pair the celebrity to her nails.

Guess the nails

Total Beauty Beauty Byte: Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows

Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadows

Guest review by editor Sarah Carrillo

Made for the daring, most of the 12 Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow powders are intense and fluorescent -- anything but subtle.

See review

This Week with Total Beauty Bloggers

In honor of the newest limited edition collection from MAC Cosmetics, Cult of Cherry; Roselyn from Makeup Makes Me Happy does a gorgeous makeup tutorial, showing you how to achieve a fabulous look for this upcoming Fall season!.

Beauty Anonymous reviews YSL's fall eye shadow palette.

Alison of the The Advice Sisters Guide to Life, Success & Happiness Blog thinks that Sue Devitt's Bermuda Triangle is a Great Way to Banish Wrinkles!

Viva Woman discovers that baking soda really whitens her teeth!

Looking for a lipgloss that will stay put and last a long time? Then check out The Makeup Divas review on the Mac Lustre Twins.

Fabulous Over Forty discusses all week about her experience at the L'Oreal Color Space at the MN State Fair.

Monique at Beauty Girl Musings is surprised by a new fall lip color. Find out which one!

What are Jamie's 3 must-haves? Find out at Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog.

Crave for beautifully rejuvenated skin with absolutely no cost at all? Find out at Beauty Tyrant, she has whipped up askin rejuvenating peach facial!. You'll love your skin even more now.

Beauty Blogging Junkie has partnered with Three Custom Color to provide 25 readers with TCC's new Watercolours for Cheeks in Wallflower, a dewy beige. Click here for more info on how to enter.

If you're a Bobbi Brown makeup fan (and who isn't?) Beauty411 has the latest on new Bobbi Brown palettes!

MissWhoever-You-Are has found out how you can get a free tote YSL tote during Fashion Week. No Joke!

Wondering about Fall's Makeup Trends? Learn how apply a Pretty Power Pout like the pros on A Mom in Red High Heels.

Product Girl shows you how to make your own lipstick palette and it's easy as pie!

Don't miss out on your chance to win the entire line of Sera Anti-Aging skincare products over at Beauty in Real Life.

Chocolate lipliner? Sounds good, looks great! See it at Glossypink!

The Beauty Alchemist hits drugstore paydirt with Jergens Renew Lotion.

LashBlast had better watch her back. There's a new voluptuous lash in town, and she's wearing Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara. The creamy formula and six-sided brush took Spoiled Pretty's lashes up, up and away!

Book Review: Cherry Bomb

You might have read about Cherry Bomb: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Flirt, a Tougher Chick, and a Hotter Girlfriend--and to Living Life Like a Rock Star in this month's Fashion Rocks magazine. I was given a copy, and I can tell you that I sat down and devoured the entire thing in less than two days.

Mostly, I found it fun and entertaining. Interspersed between truly useful tips (creating an updo, getting that smokey eye) are entertaining tips, funny pointers on getting backstage, and how to play drums.

Best of all, there are essays by Betsey Johnson on personal style, Anna Sui on fashion inspiration, Dita Von Teese on performing your own strip tease, and dating advice from Terri Nunn (of Berlin fame - love her).

This isn't a definitive manual on changing your life, but it does have some fun ways to shake things up a bit. I didn't find anything in it shocking, but those who walk the conservative side of life might want to give this one a pass. The rest of you, well, have fun with it!

Reason #6804 Why I Love Tim Gunn

“(Miley Cyrus) is just a little too tarty, forgive me. I don’t want her to look like she’s going into a convent school, but it’s just a little too much for a 15-year-old. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was 25,” Gunn told OK! magazine.

Photo by

The Bare Minimum: Liner and Mascara

I'm feeling very lazy today. I'm not sure if it's just an overall "I just want to lay in bed" thing or if I'm having allergy issues. It very well could be both.

At any rate, lying in bed is not an option today, so I've managed to get myself going. All I have on is my Benefit Cosmetics Miss Popularity in the corner of the eyes, a quick swipe of Too Faced Lash Injection, and L'Oreal's Bare Naturale Mineral Eye Liner that I'm going to talk about in detail later today.

Tom Ford Computer Bag at Sybarites

Tom Ford Computer Bag at Sybarites

Everything Tom Ford makes is incredibly sexy, in my opinion. This computer bag is no exception. Lots of room for the laptop and all the periphials, zipper compartments, and locks. Of course it's the finest grade leather and can be found at Tom Ford stores.

New Goodies at Lush

So I'm getting ready to take a nice long bubble bath when I realize that my Lush supply is getting a bit low. Since that just won't do and there isn't a Lush store anywhere near me, I surfed on over to place an order and I noticed that there are some fun new goodies!


These look like fun. If you're not a bathtub person, these will be right up your alley. Throw one on the floor of your shower and let the steam refresh you.

  • Sex in the Shower: ginger scented fun in the shower
  • Too Drunk: the ultimate hangover cure with mint and fennel
  • Up the Wooden Hill: a great night's sleep is a shower away
  • Up You Gets: revitalizing citrus
New Soaps
  • Bamboo: bamboo shoots and cedar leaf oil
  • Banana Moon: bananas and yogurt
  • Beautiful Pea Green Soap: sandalwood, benzoin, tangerine
  • Cocktail Guest Soap: sultry, sexy floral
  • Gingerman: ginger root
  • Honey Waffle: honey and tropical flowers
  • Milky Bar: sweet orange oil and soya milk
  • Miranda: feisty kiwi
  • Pineapple Grunt: pineapple and vetivert
  • Porridge: real oats for a sweet and scrubby soap
  • Queen of Hearts Complexion: rose petals and softening oils
  • Quinquereme Of Nineveh: creamy coconut, vanilla, and orange
  • Red Rooster: orange and cinnamon
There are tons more new things, but you get the idea. Now I'm off to shop!

It's Here: Pixi at Target

I am so excited about the new cosmetics collections at Target! While I was in there yesterday (and managed to get out of there spending less than $100 which is highly unusual) I managed to grab Pixi Eye Bright Makeup Kit. I've swatched it here so you can see what a nicely pigmented coverup kit it is.

I'm not giving it enough credit if I say it's just a cover up kit, though. There is a highlighter in here as well, and it's gorgeous. A perfect sheer neutral with just a hint of glimmer. There is a white cream that I wouldn't recommend to just anyone - make sure you know what you're doing with that as the results could be truly awful, and two basic fair shades for each season of use.


Pixi Eye Bright Makeup Kit is only available at Target for $24.

The Most Interesting Mousse I've Ever Tried

Doesn't it look exactly like whipped cream? The extra creamy kind that you spritz out of a can? Sebastian Whipped Creme is one of the thickest mousse products that I have ever used on my hair. And it's not too thick - you don't get a greasy coat of anything when you apply it, just soft conditioning and a light hold that seems to last all day.

I tend to use it on days that I know I'm going to let my hair dry curly (what my husband refers to as "friendly" hair, meaning that my usual straight hair is mean? I have no idea - I don't even try and understand him most of the time). I don't need to put anything else in there, just a dollop of this and my hair is soft, manageable, and not frizzy at all. If you don't need a lot of control in your hair when you're drying it straight or giving yourself a blowout with a round brush, then Sebastian Whipped Creme would be perfect for you. If you are the type to set your hair in rollers because you have infinite patience and an intense desire for gorgeous hair, then you will also love Sebastian Whipped Creme. Try it - I promise it will work better than the current setting lotion you're using. I am obviously a fan.

Sebastian Whipped Creme retails for about $19. Visit Sebastion online to find a salon near you.

Are You the Tattoo Type? After Inked Healing Lotion

If you have a tattoo (or ten - they are a bit addicting) you know the importance of having a good aftercare lotion. With my first tattoo, I got a handful of samples of whatever the studio sold, and it was enough to last me through those first two weeks. I wish I could remember what it was, because it was fantastic. My second tattoo, I wasn't very prepared, and had only Lush Hand Cream to get me through. I've never been a fan of A&D ointment that everyone recommends, and there doesn't really seem to be much in the way of product, which is odd, considering how many people get tattoos these days.

So when I heard about After Inked, I was curious. Here is some information from the company:

Bob Norburn along with Andrea and Bill Gerber, developed After InkedTM, a patented skincare treatment that naturally and safely protects a tattoo and significantly reduces healing time. Their revolutionary new formula is creating a lot of “buzz” in the tattoo community and it’s making the decision “to ink or not to ink” much easier for many people.

“More and more mainstream people are choosing to wear an outward symbol of their innermost individuality on their body”, said Briana Brumer, who joined the After InkedTM team as a partner. She’s witnessed amazing results with After InkedTM firsthand. “It’s a product that supports in the healing and also restores the original look of an existing tattoo in seconds”, She added. Briana can truthfully attest that there’s nothing like it on the market today.

If performed by an unskilled tattooist or cared for improperly, a tattoo can become a badge of embarrassment forever. So before the needle touches your skin, it’s very important to get educated about the products available to help take care of your life illustration.

Before developing After InkedTM, the Gerbers did a lot of research of their own and they discovered that many aftercare products in the market that do claim to be ‘all natural’ and beneficial are neither. “That’s when we decided we were going to offer a premium quality product that is safe and effective”, Bill said.

To further prove their commitment to using only the safest and most effective ingredients, the couple signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics which requires them to practice transparency and fully disclose all of the ingredients in After InkedTM. “We don’t claim to be all natural but we are proud to be 98% natural using only high quality safe ingredients”, Andrea said.

Andrea explained why they deliberately chose to use synthetic beeswax rather than animal-derived beeswax in After InkedTM. “There are many vegans in the tattoo industry and we wanted to produce the best possible product and respect the lifestyle of our customers. We also joined PETA—People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as we do not test on animals”, She said.

Here are some of the key benefits to the product:
  • Natural / No harmful chemicals
  • Paraben Free / Fragrance Free
  • Non-petroleum based
  • No animal-derived ingredients (Vegan)
  • Provides excellent skin hydration to minimize scabbing
  • Will not stick to your clothes
  • Safe on all skin types / Doesn’t clog pores
  • Airless system dispenser to prevent contamination
  • Recyclable packaging
I'll be picking up a bottle of this before my next appointment at Sacred Tattoo.

The photo above is actually one of my tattoos in an undisclosed location :)

Beauty Bytes: Guest Review: Redkin Elastic Works 09

See review
Guest Review: Redken Elastic Works 09

Rated a 9 by Editor Sarah Carrillo

Redken Elastic Works 09 gives wavy hair well-defined curls that manage to stay bouncy and soft, not crispy or crunchy. I applied it to damp hair and diffused while scrunching. ...More


I'm Still Looking Out for My Recessionistas: L'Oreal HIP Jelly Balm

If you disregarded my advice and didn't get anything from the Tendertones collection by MAC, I forgive you. Because L'Oreal HIP Jelly Balm pots are the absolute next best thing. And, lucky for those who don't follow every limited edition release by MAC, these are available all the time for a lower price.

But are they really as good? I think they are. Sheer color, soft, and easy to apply. And while the fragrance is not my style (my dislike of smelling like candy is well documented here), the good news is that it doesn't last. Nor does it have an obnoxiously sweet flavor that encourages you to lick it all off. Honestly, I never understood flavored lip glosses - why would I want to lick it all off just to reapply? It's obvious why they keep making them though!

I'm an absolute fanatic when it comes to keeping my lips soft. Keep a product like this one on them at all times, and you won't have to worry about exfoliating when it comes time to don those dark shades this fall.

Kanye West Shows Off His Style Again With Good Morning

I think Kanye West has amazing style. Well, except for those white venetian-style glasses, I'll never understand those. Here is his latest video, which is a collaboration with Japanese amine artist Takashi Murakami.

The entire Graduation album is worth having, and you can grab it at Kanye West - Graduation - Good Morning.

Beauty Bytes: Guest Review: Nars the Multiple

See review
Guest Review: Nars The Multiple

Rated a 7.5 by Editor Kristen Oldham-Giordani

Nars The Multiple is a cream-to-powder formula that can be used anywhere (though it leaves lips feeling a little too powdery). The jumbo stick glides on smoothly and feels moist on skin, making it ideal for dry skin year-round or combination skin in the winter. ...More


Gas Prices are TOO HIGH!

Clearly, when Diddy has to travel on American Airlines, gas prices are way too high. He knows that you don't believe that he has to stoop that low, so here is his vblog telling you all about it.

Diddy says to get those gas prices lowered. Someone get on that, please.

Beauty Bytes: Give Yourself a Great Pedicure

Pedicure how-to
Top Do-It-Yourself Pedicure Tips

Pros share tips on getting salon results at home

With gorgeous sandals hitting the shelves, it's no time to be shy about baring your toes. Sure, you could splurge on a luxurious pedicure but who has the time and money to keep that up? Fortunately, celeb-trusted nail pros Roxanne Valinoti, Nicole Dihn and Jenna Hipp are sharing their top tips for pampering your feet. Read their advice to find out how to do a pedicure at home -- and look like you went to a salon. ...More


Mermaid Pendant

Mermaid Pendant

For my girls who live in Norfolk and have lots of city pride, this one is perfect for you. At $7.99 it certainly won't break the bank, either.

Today's Eye: MAC's Silversmith Mineralize Duo

I was looking around to see if this particular Mineralize was still available from MAC, and when it wasn't, I remembered that I grabbed it from the Cosmetics Company Store when I was at the outlet mall recently. If you haven't been to a Cosmetics Company Store, what are you waiting for? Amazing deals on Estee Lauder, MAC, Bobbi Brown and Origins. I loved it.

Anyway, I used only those two shades, plus my Chanel eye pencil in Blue Jean, which, unfortunately, was also a limited edition this past spring. Because I'm lazy, all that is on my lashes is a couple of swipes of Lash Injection by Too Faced.

Fall Ankle Boots

Fall Ankle Boots

Cooler weather is coming, and I am all about the ankle boots these days. Here are a few of my favorites, although I haven't decided which ones I'm investing in yet. Any votes?

See more of my Fall Ankle Boots list at ThisNext.

This Week's Total Beauty Web Tour

Find out what yummy scented body souffle The Makeup Divas is all excited about.

Monique at Beauty Girl Musings discovers it's what's on the inside that counts with Elizabeth Grant's Vitamin C Body Lotion.

Viva Woman tells you how John Masters Organics Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum & John Masters Organics Mandarin Maximum Moisture help to lighten up some of her pigmentation caused by sun damage.

Beauty's SPOT figures out that waxing and plucking may be a thing a of the past with the Artemis Woman Personal Groomer.

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Frappelattes gives L'Oreal's new Bare Naturale Mineral Mascara a spin and lets us know how it delivers.

Roselyn from Makeup Makes Me Happy counts down the 10 most wacky beauty tips, that actually work!. You may just be surprised to see what they are!

Win a RisWallet from A Mom in Red High Heels. It's a hands-free solution for a busy woman!

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Beauty411 tells you about a product that will help you
rewind lines and wrinkles. And it's completely painless!

Want a gorgeous tan without damaging your skin? Beauty Tyrant has found a summer must-have sunscreen that lets you enjoy the sun without worrying about your skin!

How to get your skin glowing like Beyonce-Talking Makeup!

The Beauty Alchemist visits with Van Cleef and Arpels new Feerie perfume

The girls over at Beauty in Real Life are at it again...check out their latest giveaways with Luzern Labs and Sanctuary Spas.

Beauty Anonymous reveals her travel-friendly beauty goodies.

To celebrate the kickoff of the new Hills season, Glossypink tells you how to score Whitney Port's beautiful makeup.

Product Girl is having a giveaway and you can enter to win Essie's 6-piece fall collection. Good luck!

Ah, Fall! Celebrate the peculiar and sexy scents of Autumn with Fifty-Cent Head and Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs.

Find out what Beauty Blogging Junkie is using to hydrate her chlorine-ravaged locks here.

Just As Good As I Remember: Aussie's Three Minute Miracle

Cue Purple Rain right about now, because I've rediscovered one of my favorite beauty products of the 80's.

Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment is simply as good as I remember. Shampoo hair well, then apply a goodly-sized amount of 3 Minute, and let it set for, well, three minutes. When you wash it out, you will be amazed at how soft, shiny, and manageable your hair is, especially if you're dealing with coarse, thick, curly, or damaged hair.

And the price is right, too, for my recessionistas: only $3.99 for 8 ounces of product, which will last you an incredibly long time. You can find Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment at just about any mass reseller such as Walgreens, Target, CVS, and Rite-Aid.

When You Need to Wake Up Those Tired Eyes

I went out for what was supposed to be a martini Friday night with some friends. Of course, it's never just a martini with us. Before I knew it, I'm in a completely different part of town listening to 80's tunes in clubs I had never even heard of, much less been to. Needless to say, I rolled back home around 3:30 AM and was promptly woken up around 8 AM to make french toast. Really, you would think that I'm far too old for such craziness, but a good time was had by all.

Unfortunately, after a night of such fun, one looks a bit frightful in the morning. It was so much easier when I was in my 20s to pull myself together in the morning (smokey eyes look even better the next day!) these days I find myself looking for that something that will get me back to normal. Luckily, I had Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask on hand.

Even if you don't stay up half the night watching people far younger than you try and dance to Holiday by Madonna, you need this eye mask. It is that fantastic. Here is how it works: you "pop" the liquid part of the package so that it seeps into the area where the pads are. This takes about two minutes, maybe three. Make sure your face is freshly cleansed, and open up the package and remove the pads. Lay one pad on each eye, lay down on your bed, and doze for 15 minutes. Towards the end of your 15 minutes, you will feel something going on in your eye area, and when you take it off, your eyes will look absolutely amazing. The difference was literally quite shocking. Pat your eyes dry if they need it (gently!), apply some excellent eye cream, and you are all set.

I was lucky enough to have been gifted this product from a Bliss employee (love!), but you can find Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask at Bliss online, Sephora, and It retails for about $54 for four eye masks. Trust me, like most Bliss products, it is worth every penny.

One of My Favorite Fall Polishes

I just couldn't wait any longer to break out the fall colors for my nails. I know it's still summer, and I should be wearing my bronzes, browns, neons, and golds, but I just can't. I'm ready for the dark, dramatic shades that come with cooler weather.

This is one of my absolute favorites and complete standbys: Rocker by MAC. Dark red with a bit of shimmer, this color pretty much defines fall shades for me.

What is your go-to color for fall? Do you stay on trend or do you reach for the same colors over and over? I'm curious!

Beauty Bytes: Guest Review: Chanel Precision Hydramax + Active Serum Active Moisture Boost

See review
Guest Review: Chanel Precision Hydramax + Active Serum Active Moisture Boost

Rated a 9.5 by Editor Charli Schuler

Dry skin types who usually reach for a rich, heavy cream will love this lightweight blue serum. It not only instantly hydrates, but also makes skin a perfectly smooth, youthful canvas for sunscreen, primer or foundation. ...More


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