For the Men Friday: Tips on a Clean Shave

I like my men clean shaven. I can't help it, but I never got into the 90's grunge/facial hair look and the goatee of recent years has not done anything for me either. And I always thought Don Johnson needed a shave in Miami Vice.

So, in the spirit of my campaign to end the scruffy face look, I have a few tips for shaving from Diane Wood, a Master Barber for King of Shaves. Long live the clean shaven face!

Be patient! Nicks are never in style.
Shave at least an hour before planning to get dressed for an event. If a nick happens, apply pressure until bleeding has stopped.

Red is not the new black.
Wait until bleeding has stopped entirely before putting on a fresh shirt.

Size Matters.
Shave in the direction of hair growth around the neck. It is important that one is wearing the correct collar size, as a too-tight collar will irritate freshly shaved skin.

All about Adam.
Pay special attention to the Adams Apple area. Shave diagonally from below the Adams Apple to the middle of the neck, as most hairs in this area grow sideways and occasionally grow upward.

Different strokes.
Shave in smooth, even strokes and take care not to apply too much pressure.

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Taking Another Ski Weekend Vacation

Have to try and get one more weekend in before it gets too warm to ski any longer. But when I get back, I have some goodies to post for you! Another book review is coming up, plus reviews on Maybelline's Lash Stiletto, a new perfume that might make people think you're younger than you really are, my new Bond No. 9 purchase, and some rambling thoughts on freshening up a spring wardrobe while watching your cash. Also, what I've been using on my face to get so many compliments - seriously, lots of compliments lately, and I owe it completely to one new product. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can: 1959 #1 Ponytail Doll

First of all, I need a haircut. Just so we can get that out of the way.

Out of all the Barbie Loves Stila cans, you know I chose the ultra-vintage 1959 doll. Included was a palette with a peachy cheek color, matte black eye shadow, and a medium blue eyeshadow with just a touch of glitter. Also, a gorgeous red lipstick and a black liquid eyeliner.

The great thing about this collection is that you can really vamp it up or tone it down. This is a more toned down look, as I was on my way to work, and one really can't go all out at 9 AM. It's just too much.

What I like to do is use a primer on my eyelids (Primer Potion in this example), then I used Milk pigment from MAC's Hello Kitty collection all over my eyelids. Then I used the blue over the lid and into the crease. I lined the upper lash line with the black using a stiff smudge brush. Blend that well, though, because you don't want an obvious line - unless you do, in which case carry on. However, I blended well, added a bit more, and blended again. Then I used the black liner to line only the upper lash line, and added about a million coats of Diorshow to my lashes. Just kidding. It was probably only 4, which is my normal amount.

Finish up with the lipstick, and you're done. Super easy and a pulled together glam look.

As I mentioned, you can take it into the evening with just a few adjustments - you could use the black to smoke out the eye and then use a pencil to line the lower waterline of the eye to really darken it up. False lashes would also look great with this collection, although I haven't tried it yet.

I bought this just for the cute factor, so imagine my surprise when I found it was actually quite useable! Highly recommended.

Stila Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1959 #1 Ponytail Doll, $40.

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Book Review Tuesdays: Eccentric Glamour

I picked up my copy of Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You at a cute little bookshop in the Village when I was in New York recently, and I'm so glad I did, because I would have Simon Doonan's babies. I mean, if he was so inclined, which he's not, and I don't really want any more babies anyway, but I love him.

Love him.

The entire theme to this book is this: "Say no to ho," and I think he's brilliant.

If you think about it, much of what women wear these days is kind of "porno culture," as Mr. Doonan puts it, and I think he's right. Instead of dressing in what they love, many women are dressing the same - like a ho. Examples? Bleached blond hair, ridiculous fake tans, fake fingernails, fake boobs, and lots and lots of "work" done. Low rise pants, halter type tank tops...can you think of other examples? I know I can.

Mr. Doonan encourages women to embrace their inner Socialite, Extentialist, or Gypsy and start dressing in what they love. With examples of eccentric glamour throughout the book, you get a real feel for dressing authentically, and not like a "ho."

It's fantastically funny, especially when he's discussing his own voyage through his fashion evolution. I love the fact that he's not scared of vulgarity, in fact, he considers it the spice of life. He truly thinks that thinking outside the fashion box is a necessity.

I also adore his thoughts on fashion week. Don't miss them.

Mandee is Offering a Wardrobe Bailout

I had to talk about this one, because I've been waiting for a bailout for some time. Seems only right we should all get one, don't you think?

At any rate, it's not a couple of billion, but it's 20% off your entire purchase at I'd describe it as Free People meets Urban Outfitters without the high price tag. Enjoy, my fellow shoppers. But beware of the siren call of satin, horizontal stripes, and too-short skirts.

That is all.

Best Dressed at the 2009 Oscars: Amanda Seyfried

81st Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
I think Miss Amanda is one of the best young actresses out there, and that's not because of Mamma Mia at all. It's more because of Big Love, where she has done an amazing job with her role.

That being said, look at her dress! Gorgeous. And it's Valentino Couture, from the Spring 2009 collection.

Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Oscars: Lancome and Shu Uemura

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt rule on the red carpet
Angelina Jolie looked stunning in a black strapless Elie Saab gown paired with beautiful emerald-colored jewels which added a striking burst of color. Celebrity makeup artist Mary Burton created Angelina’s flawless look. Mary applied Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony to the upper and lower lash lines. She emphasized the shape of Angelina’s eyes by applying more liner to the outer corners of the eye. Several coats of Ôscillation Mascara were applied to the upper lashes for added volume and length. Mary put a touch of pink to the cheeks using Shu Uemura Blush in M Pink 31 and applied it to her cheekbones near the temple. To create ultra-shiny and luminous lips, Mary used Juicy Tubes in Spring Fling.

Best Dressed at the 2009 Oscars: Sarah Jessica Parker

81st Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
While her boobs are a little over the top on this one, SJP still had one of the best dresses at the Oscars last night, in my opinion.

The gown was from the Dior Haute Couture collection, and was absolutely stunning. Kind of reminds me of the dresses that I thought I would grow up and wear every. single. day. Because I was that kind of kid.

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No. 14: Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel, $45 average member rating: 4.9*

Why: "Week 1, no results. Week 2, still nothing. Week 3, I saw something and it's a frown on my face from seeing that this wasn't a very effective product...

No. 13: Burt's Bees Evening Primrose Overnight Creme, $14.99 average member rating: 4.4*

Why: "It felt very thick and oily and didn't do dramatic things for my skin..."

No. 12: Principal Secret Reclaim EyeMazing Eye Serum, $36 average member rating: 4.6*

Why: "It just makes my eyes puffier and I have noticed looking more tired than usual..."

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Anne Hathaway at the 2009 Oscars: Lancome

Anne Hathaway looked regal in a sparkling jewel encrusted Armani Privé gown. Her makeup look was sophisticated and elegant. Anne’s perfect brows framed her face and her long, lush lashes really made her eyes pop. She donned a deep berry-toned lip to complete her look. To get Anne’s look, try Lancôme Le Crayon Poudre in Sable to fill in and shape the brows. Lightly dust Lancôme Color Design Eye Shadow in Ciel du Soir over the entire eyelid followed by Le Crayon Khol in Black Ebony applied to the upper lash line. Lightly smudge so there are no harsh lines. Apply several coats of Lancôme Ôscillation Mascara for a faux-lash effect. For just a hint of color, dust Lancôme Blush Subtil in Sheer Amourose on the apples of the cheeks. To create her berry stained pout, apply Lancôme Color Fever Lipstick in Brickhouse.

Kate Winslet at the 2009 Oscars: Lancome and Avon

Kate Winslet looked beautiful in a multi-toned one shoulder YSL dress. Celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey wanted to create a classic, natural look. First, she prepped Kate’s skin with Lancôme La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer to create a smooth canvas for a polished complexion. She lightly brushed Lancôme Lancome Brow Expert in Naturel on the brows to play up their natural shape. Jillian Dempsey for Avon Pro Eyeshadow Trio in Ice Shimmer was applied to the eyes and the lashes were coated with Jillian Dempsey for Avon Pro Mascara in Black. To create a sheer, neutral colored lip, Lancôme Color Fever Lipstick in Old Flame was applied for a soft, matte finish.

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