StellaNude Linen Mist a Worthy Little Luxury

Stella McCartney STELLANUDE Linen Mist has a lovely scent that when sprayed lightly in your lingerie drawer or on your sheets will fragrance your linens with a wonderful, almost retro scent. 

Which is, of course, why I like it so much.

The notes include Moroccan rose, grapefruit, white peony, pink pepper, grey amber, vanilla, and musk. 

This scent makes me want to float around wearing silk nightgowns with matching robes, sexy mules, and light candles. And really, when does that ever happen?

NYFW Alice in Wonderland Makeup Challenge

As I mentioned before, I only brought the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland eye palette with me here to NYC, forcing myself to create looks using that. Here is what I came up for today:

Started with Primer Potion. Used Muchness all over lid. Applied Absolem to inner 1/2 of lid, Vorpal to outer half. Used Queen to line upper and lower lids.

I really like the Queen shade. It's a very workable plum that would probably look excellent on any skin type. Some people may be frightened of the brightness of Absolem, but it actually goes on rather sheer, and is easy to build up, if that's your thing.

I'm headed downtown, so be sure to check in often. If you're not following me on Twitter, why not?

Loving Right Now: Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth Kit

Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth Kit

It's wintertime, and that means my lips can be a flaky mess if I don't take care of them. Because it's been so cold, our heater has run just about nonstop, and I've noticed that my lips are exceptionally dried out this year, so while I was browsing in Target the other day, I stumbled across this cute little set.

The Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth Kit comes with a two-sided exfoliator and balm as well as a nude gloss that helps plump the lips while giving a great shine. The exfoliator works like a dream. It is a solid that you just rub over your lips no more than twice a day and it exfoliates with natural ingredients (I am not certain, but it feels like dried oatmeal), then follow it up with the other side, a softening balm that smells pleasantly like coconut. 

The tube of glossy goodness that comes with it is supposed to be a lip plumper, but I never put much stock in those things. I do, however, appreciate that it is a lovely color with lots of shimmer and shine. It tingles for a bit after applying it, but it lasts a decent time.

The Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth Kit is available at Target, Amazon, and Boots if you're in the U.K.

Aveda Was Backstage at ORGANIC at by John Patrick

Aveda was backstage today at the ORGANIC by John Patrick show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and they were creating gorgeousness, in my opinion. I am seriously loving these styles.

"Our collection this season is centered around big, beautiful hair that makes our hand-woven tweeds look happy. Despite some inspiration from Joni Mitchell, Lady Diana, and Brigitte Bardot, the hair look is modern—very young and fun, not polished or structured." - ORGANIC by John Patrick.

That big, amazing "pouf" is courtesy of Aveda's Control Force Hair Spray. Here is how to get the look:

  • Brush through hair and prep with Aveda Phomollient™ Styling Foam to add body and shine. Use a comb to create a left side part.
  • Divide hair into four sections: sides, back, and top. Fold the top section over the face and clip back to separate.
  • Backcomb the back section of hair with a brush to create messy volume. Spray liberally with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray for maximum hold.
  • Create an anchor by crossing bobby pins horizontally across the middle of the back section of hair, just below the crown of the head.
  • Using large hair pins, attach a hairdresser's sponge at the crown, where bobby pins are anchored.
  • Cross the right section of backcombed hair over to the left, pinning over the hairdresser's sponge with large hair pins. Repeat with the left section of backcombed hair, bringing it to right. Take all remaining hair in the back section and twirl to the left to create a French twist. Secure the twist at the nape of the neck with hair pins, creating a tail of loose hair draped over the shoulder.
  • Set aside a portion of hair to fall in front of the left ear, and brush remaining top section of hair over the hairdresser's sponge, Pin it into the French twist to create a “pouf.” Pull lightly with fingers to create loose, spontaneous volume. Spray with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray.
  • Leave wisps of free falling hair in front of the left ear, and loosely pin remaining pieces above the right ear. Finish with Aveda Control Force™ Hair Spray.
The Aveda Control Force Hair Spray will be launching in June, 2010. Meanwhile, I'll be working on duplicating this at home. Long live big hair!

NYFW Must-Haves: Faux Dry by Blow

This is my last day at home packing, so I'm wrapping up all the beauty must-haves to take me through the next five days at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. My suitcase is packed, and I am ready to go!

Since I can't take all my rollers and bonnet hair dryers and huge cans of hair spray (yes, I really have all those things), I try and make my blowout last as long as possible. The best way to do that, I've found, is by using Blow's Faux Dry - Dry Shampoo.

This amazing little powder, when applied to your roots, magically clears away dirt, oil, and product. It also boosts volume, which is a huge win for me. If you can't make it to the Blow salon, this is the absolute next best thing. It's also much, much cheaper.

NYFW Must Haves: Jurlique Love Balm

It's not that I don't stay in amazing hotels when I visit Manhattan. Okay, maybe I'm not at the Waldorf or the Four Seasons, but I don't stay in dumps. However, no matter how wonderful the hotel is, my skin always needs some extra attention, especially if it's being exposed to the frigid New York February weather.

And that's where Jurlique Love Balm comes in.

Love Balm  is a skin treatment salve that moisturizes, soothes, softens and protects sensitive, dry or chapped skin. Lightly fragranced with organic Tangerine oil.  Beeswax and Jojoba Oil nourish and protect skin. Contains antioxidant Vitamin E. Sunflower Seed and Avocado Oils hydrate skin. And it is of course, paraben free.

I was already a fan of Jurlique's, especially in hotel rooms - I've long been a fan of the  Rosewater Balancing Mist, but I have fallen head over heels with the Love Balm. I've found it to be useful for dry cuticles, chapped lips, rough heels, and even as a friction reducer in a particularly painful pair of shoes. Because it's a solid, you don't have to worry about TSA having a problem with it, and it's small enough to fit into any overcrowded makeup bag.

Susan Posnick Part Three: ColorEyeDefine

More amazing stuff from Susan Posnick.

NYFW Must-Haves: Soin Jambes Legeres by Payot

This was an amazing find last year during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. After a full day of being on my feet and running all over the city, it was so nice to come back to my hotel room and massage Soin Jambes Legeres over my feet and calves.

The payoff is a cooling, tingling sensation that really feels amazing. Hot, puffy feet are transformed into something more human, and it's so relaxing just rubbing it in.

Find Soin Jambes Legeres on the Payot website and at spas near you.

NYFW Must-Haves: Foot Petals Luxury Kit

I'm leaving on Friday to cover Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, so I'm starting to put together all the things I need. And believe me, there are a lot. I am going to be around all the fashionable people for five days, and I need to look the part. However, it's not easy to look that good all the time, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Foot Petals Luxury Kit ($54 Value! Exclusive) 1 kit

The first on my list is the Luxury Kit by Foot Petals. This amazing little bag contains a pack of Heavenly HeelzStrappy StripsTip Toes, and a bottle of Sweaty Pedi Lavender Vanilla.

Heavenly Heelz are probably my absolute favorite Foot Petals product. I have them in just about every shoe I own. Probably because I always have to buy a size up in shoes to accommodate my foot width. At any rate, these keep your heels from sliding out of your shoes and prevent that annoying blister-forming friction that can seriously ruin your day. 

Strappy Strips are applied to the strappy part of your slingbacks. They prevent friction and keep the straps from digging into your heel.

Tip Toes are the first product that I was exposed to by Foot Petals. I found them when I was in the city walking with some particularly uncomfortable shoes. These are applied inside your shoes and cushion the balls of your feet to prevent soreness while wearing heels. Every pair of high heels I own have these inside.

Sweaty Pedi Lavender Vanilla is sprayed on your feet to help reduce friction and gives you a nice blast of aromatherapy to help calm down stressed feet.

And all of these come in a great travel-friendly bag that slips easily into your suitcase.

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