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A couple of people have asked me if I go tanning. Yikes! No. Not in a million years. I do my tan from a can! I don't even like to expose my face to sunlight without a generous heaping of sunscreen. It's not that I have any risk factors at all for skin cancer, I am just too vain to do anything that will bring on wrinkles earlier than I would get them otherwise. I figure, I already have tons of gray hair, why make it worse?
Anyway, when it was the very, very beginning of spring, I started using L'Oreal's Sublime Glow lotion and spray:

This started around the middle of March. I got braver as the weather warmed up and switched to L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Lotion and Spray:

I'm pleased with the results thus far. Really, the only hints I have are to exfoliate really, really well before applying (I use a loofah and a good salt scrub) and to make sure you apply evenly if you are working with the lotion. The spray is nice, especially L'Oreal's kind, because it is "any angle". Meaning, I can manage to spray my back without involving the spouse in my beauty routines. Bonus!
I am going up north this month on business, and will be stopping at the Tyson's Corner Sephora. I think that I'll be investing in another brand, I just haven't decided which one. I'm hoping a more expensive brand will give me a browner color (versus orange - I'm afraid of turning orange - memories of self-tanning in the early '90's, probably).


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