Merona� Knit Dress - Pink/ Brown Stripe

Merona� Knit Dress - Pink/ Brown Stripe

Cute, comfortable, and cheap! You can always count on Target to bring you great design at a reasonable price.

Picking the Right Jeans

Stiletto Jungle has a great video on finding the best jeans. Check it out!

Shopping at Target versus Wal-Mart

I've long said that I can't stand shopping at Wal-Mart. I know many people who agree with me, but I've never really been able to put my finger on exactly WHY. I mean, I'm just always vaguely icked out after my visit. Unlike Target, where I go at least weekly. Steve Olsen posts a great article on his blog about the two. Go check it out and see what you think.

Glam Tells Me My Fashion Style

You’re Sophisticated and Refined

Though you have an understated approach to style, you do appreciate the nuances of fashion. While you might skip the lace and ruffles, you can’t get enough high-waisted skirts, perfectly cut shorts, and sleek metal details. You take risks in all the right places.

Too Faced Frozen Lotion

Too Faced Frozen Lotion

Not happy about these overly hot and humid days? Here in Virginia Beach, it's unbearable. This, however, looks like it could quite possibly bring a smile to my face even when it's 96 degrees with 99% humidity outside. Gives you hydration and a burst of icy crystals that supposedly cool you right off.

iPod Protective Speaker Case

iPod Protective Speaker Case

Perfect for protecting your iPod and sharing the cool tune you're listening to with your buddies. I'm thinking this is a perfect accessory for the beach. Now if I could just find my iPod. Seriously. I can't find it and I'm going to DC next weekend on the train. Not cool.

Total Beauty

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