Cosmetics Rainboots - Purple

Cosmetics Rainboots - Purple

So much cuter than my black wallies. And it's Target. I'm hopelessly addicted to anything Target - especially when it's something like rain boots decorated with cosmetics. For real.

MAC Blue Storm Collection Nail Enamel

I'm surprised to see that blue nailpolish is going to be back this fall, but if MAC says it is so, then it is. These are the two limited edition colors from their upcoming collection "Blue Storm", due in stores 8/23. I like them, although I also like my Rimmel Underground blue as well. I'm inspired to paint my nails blue today.

Very Michael Kors

My obsession with all things Michael Kors is well known. So, imagine my surprise when BellaSugar informed me today that MK was releasing a new perfume: Very Michael Kors. It features notes of Provence tuberose, citrus fruits, black plum, Chinese osmanthus and sugar cane. I love the tuberose scent of the originial Michael Kors, but this seems like it might add an element of the exotic to the sweet nature of the original. I can't wait to try it. I've been needing an excuse to visit the MK store in Williamsburg anyway.

Pantone Fall Fashion Color Report

Styledash brought my attention to Pantone's release of their annual Fall Fashion Color Report. Perhaps it's just my graphic designer past, but I love Pantone, and their color swatch reports have always been quite inspirational. Here are the color descriptions:

* Carafe, is a deep espresso brown.
* Burnt Ochre, a nice earthy autumn orange.
* Chili Pepper, puts a little fire in your wardrobe.
* Stargazer, takes the turquoise from the summer and intensifies it.
* Shale Green, is a green that pretty much anyone can wear. It takes what could be murky and gross and infuses a touch of blue/green in it.
* Dusk, is a dusty shade of gray that is kicked up with a touch of blue.
* Green Moss, looks just how it sounds.
* Lemon Curry, walk on the exotic side and take summer's favorite shade of yellow into new territories.
* Cashmere Rose, this color is so soft, romantic, and delicious you will want all of your fall dresses in this shade.
* Purple Wine, much softer and easier to wear than a harsh red wine color.

I'm loving the Purple Wine and Shale Green.

Coco Bustier by Escante

Coco Bustier by Escante

I adore the unusual brown and green combination. It's a nice change from your typical trashy black. I would be so tempted to wear this with pants and a jacket.

The Starbucks Oracle

Yeah, I know. I have no good excuses, so I'm not even going to insult anyone's intelligence. In the meantime, check out the Starbucks Oracle. It says that people who drink triple venti upside down caramel machiattos are usually strippers.

Yes! I have a future on the pole!

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