Tom Ford Ad Banned in Italy

I love me some Tom Ford. I think he does amazing work, and I'm a huge fan of Tom Ford Black Orchid, as I've blogged about (a great deal) before. And I have serious lust for some of his new sunglasses. But this kind of made me laugh, because he definitely pushes the envelope when it comes to his ads. Radar magazine is reporting that this print at to the left has been banned in Italy. Italian Advertising Institute (IAA) says the ban is for its "explicit and provocative character," and because it "goes beyond acceptable limits for advertising aimed at the general public."

So, what is it about the ad that deserves banning? Most speculation seems to favor the sexual innuendo. I disagree, I think it is about the middle finger. Italians are so expressive with their hands, and gestures have a lot more meaning there than they do here in the good old USofA. So I'm really not surprised that it is considered offensive, but I don't know that it's ban-worthy.

What do you think? Is it offensive? Should it be banned?


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