Beach Waves

Doesn't this thing look like a old-fashioned torture device? Seriously. It's crazy. And it's big. But it totally gives you those beach waves that you are craving this summer.

I picked up the Revlon 3-Barrel Jumbo Waver while on my trip to Denver. My husband couldn't quite figure out what it was, but it was too exhausting to explain it. At any rate, I just got around to trying it out, and it works really well.

My one complaint is in the design of the tool. When I was using it, somehow I kept accidentally turning the power switch to the off position, which obviously was a problem. I need my irons hot, hot, hot, and I would have to stop midway through and let it heat up a bit more. I'm not sure if that was just complete user error or what, but it's something I'm going to have to pay attention to the next time I use it.

Other than that, this iron works exactly as it claims - you clamp it on small sections of hair (I sectioned my hair exactly as I would if flat-ironing it, so as to make sure I kept all the hair consistent), unclamp, and move down the hair shaft. It's super quick and easy, and the waves you get stay in quite well, if the iron is hot enough.

Because it's actually easier and less labor-intensive than flat-ironing, it is a great way to get summer hair without a lot of fuss. Well worth the $20 I paid for it!


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