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You know, it's funny when it comes to our personal reactions to bad things. Let me explain, because you're probably all, "what the f?" I have a friend whose mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was fine, thank goodness, but my friend made a lot of lifestyle changes in her own life based on the experience. I can relate. My mother was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor almost four years ago, and there were certain things that I just didn't do anymore. Aspartame? Not in my house. Mobile phones up against my head for hours during a day? Hello, bluetooth headset. So I totally get it. These things may not really make a difference, but they make us feel better - they give us a feeling of control over a horrible situation.
Going back to my friend, one thing that she really focused on was a more natural deodorant/antiperspirant. I'm not entirely certain, but I believe there were questions about whether or not aluminum chlorohydrate contributed to or had an effect on cancerous growths, especially in regard to breast cancer. I do hope they have sorted that all out, but it made me aware of more "natural" options other than the standard choices on the drugstore shelf. But back to those choices she had for the natural products: most of them just didn't work out. I mean, they really didn't help keep matters under control, if you know what I mean. I specifically remember her thoughts on the underarm crystals that were popular for a time. Not good.
So when I was asked to try out Lavilin Underarm Deodorant, I was a bit hesitant. Because you know I love you all and would do just about anything for you, but smelling stinky wasn't one of those things. I can't go around with stink pits. But before I wrote up a review talking about how this just couldn't possibly work, I decided to give it a whirl.
Let me give you the basics on the product before I share my experiences with it. Lavilin was developed by Israeli scientists studying the link between unpleasant odor and the bacteria normally found in perspiration. They found out that when bacteria was eliminated, the odor associated with underarm perspiration also disappeared. The formula is based on essential oils of chamomile, arnica and calendula. It is completely free of aluminum and alcohol. There are also no parabens or phthalates. It is a unique, fragrance-free underarm deodorant that is applied every few days, depending on lifestyle. Yes, I said every few days. But check it out: since Lavilin works with the body to eliminate bacteria, it's water resistant. That means you don't have to reapply when swimming, sunning, waterskiing, or even hot-tubbing.
Apply the product to clean, dry skin, preferably at night. Place a small amount on a fingertip and spread gently over the area that can be problematic, especially where hair grows. The cream will absorb into the skin in just a few minutes, leaving no white marks, even on dark clothes.
Okay, okay. I know you want the good stuff. You want to know if it really works, right? Do you really only have to apply it once every seven days? Does it really keep the smell away? Do you sweat when you wear it?
The first day I applied Lavilin was a Saturday, it was very warm outside, and I was planning on taking the kids to the local carnival before my new furniture was to be delivered at 1 PM. I took a quick shower, shaved, and applied the Lavilin exactly as directed. Then, because I was all sorts of crazy, I threw on an Old Navy tube top, shorts, sandals, and called it good. I spent about two hours in the hot sun, and I was NERVOUS. But no problems, certainly no smells. A slight bit of wetness, but nothing dramatic at all, and it didn't show up on my shirt or anything. After the fair, we were back home and moving furniture around. I also put another coat of paint on my bedroom walls and chased my kids around. I took a sniff check, and no problems. I was prety impressed at this point, because I was giving it quite a workout. After the furniture arrived, we set to opening boxes and putting all that stuff together. And if you have put hardwood furniture together (thanks EQ3 - I needed that exercise), you know it can be some serious work. I had a dining table, six chairs, a bed, two dressers, and two nightstands that day. A few checks of my underarm regions were surprising - there really wasn't any odor at all.
Next day, another shower, but it's waterproof, right? Right. Another full day of no odor. I was seriously amazed. More physical work, and then by Monday it was a work day. By Monday morning I decided I need another application. That application lasted three days as well. And so far I'm averaging every three days. Not the "up to seven days" that the literature mentioned, but still far more than what I get with my Secret antiperspirant.
I'm impressed with this product, and would recommend it to anyone. Especially those who are interested in reducing certain chemicals or a more natural/eco-conscious lifestyle. But even people like me, who never thought they would give up their Secret, it's something to try. You never know, you may love it. And I found it worked extremely well. Much better than I thought it would.
There is also a foot deodorant product that works exactly the same. I've found it to be really helpful on those days that you're just wearing your flats or sandals. You know what I mean.
You can purchase this product at Amazon and Micro Balanced Products.


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