Ouidad Botanical Boost

Ouidad Botanical Boost

Ouidad Botanical Boost is an amazing spray conditioner that can be used two ways. I used it both as a leave in conditioner after washing my hair and then again as a refresher spray. I love the concept of a refresher spray, and this fits the bill very nicely, as it doesn't dry out your hair and adds vitamins and aloe vera to calm frizzies.

Ouidad has an entire system to care for and style curls, and if you have curly hair, it's worth checking out their site. Basically, the recommend getting a cut that suits your curly hair and then washing and conditioning them with products for curly hair. Using duck clips, you can style your hair to maximize curls - but they don't really recommend blow drying your curls unless you use a diffuser sparingly.

I have extremely curly hair but I don't style it curly these days. I'm forever flat ironing and blowing it out. However, I like the idea of having the option to style it curly should I wish to do so. I may have to stop in to the salon the next time I'm in NYC!

And here is a sampling of even more Ouidad products:


Katrina said...

Great! Maybe now I'll be able to try flat ironing my hair, knowing that I can easily go back to curly with these products.

July 17, 2008 at 10:41 PM
Retrodiva said...

Oh, absolutely! I think the key to flat ironing curly hair is to use some good heat/thermal protection products so that you don't do enough damage to it to prevent you from switching back to curly if you want.
July 22, 2008 at 11:57 PM

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