Birthdays, MAC Counters, and Other Stuff

Hello my pretties! No worries, I haven't run off and left the blog to die a slow death: it was my birthday on the 11th, and I have been super busy ever since then!

To celebrate my birthday (and get some new stuff) I went to the MAC counter to get my face done. I mentioned that I really liked the Cult of Cherry collection, and even had a few of the lipsticks, but that the quads kind of scared me. Especially the one with the lime/chartreuse green. So of course my SA decided to show me the light and ended up giving me an amazing eye that I didn't photograph, to my dismay, leaving me to give you the substandard one to the left. So sorry. Anyway, I loved it and ended up buying the quad, of course. Plus I got to play with some of the new things that are launching on Thursday. Let me just tell you - the new eyeliners that are coming out are FAB. You will love them.

I also treated myself to the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box. A-MA-Zing. Seriously. Look for some bright eye photos coming soon. I've been inspired lately by Eye Candy: 55 Easy Makeup Looks for Glam Lids and Luscious Lashes by Linda Mason, which I highly recommend, and I'll be doing some very different looks soon.

And finally, I leave you with a photo of my other two recent purchases: my Maxx New York bag and my black stiletto heels. Apparently I had the naughty secretary look going on Saturday night while I drank shots that looked like Kool-Aid to celebrate getting one year older.

And now I must go put my credit cards down before I end up in debtors' prison.


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