Oprah Tells Us This Fall's Beauty Must Haves

Usually when Oprah recommends something, it's pretty darn good, and people run right out and snatch all of it up, whatever it might be. So I was intrigued to see her list of beauty "must haves" for this fall, wondering if she and I even came close with our lists. Here is what Oprah loves this fall:

  • MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos: I'm a fan of these. I have about four or five of these little sets, and I use them quite often. Very sparkly and shimmery with dramatic pigments
  • CoverGirl Wetslicks AmazeMint Lipgloss: Another one that I really like. Check out my previous review here.
  • Lisa Hoffman Variations Fragrance Collection: I have not yet experienced this one, but now I'm eager to give it a sniff.
  • True Blue Suddenly Sauna: These are disposable booties and mitts that you put water into, and they heat up. Find them at Bath and Body Works.
  • Liquid eyeliner, such as Cover Girl's Line Exact Liquid Liner, Prestige Hi Definition Fluid Eyeliner, and Avon Perfectly Portable Liquid Eye Liner: I love liquid eyeliner. Can't live without it. Check my review of Cover Girl's version here.
  • Olay Definity Color Capture Daily Moisturizer: I haven't tried this one, in fact, I haven't even seen it. But tinted moisturizers are great for days when you aren't interested in a full face of makeup.
  • Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Lift & Strengthening Eye Capsules: Haven't tried this one either, but it sounds intriguing!
  • John Frieda Luxurious Volume Full Splendor Shampoo and Conditioner: I don't need any more volume in my crazy hair, but I'm a fan of just about every John Frieda product.
  • Gold Nail Polish, such as Chanel's Gold Fiction or budget gorgeousness Creative Nail Design Nail Polish in Crowned: gold is big this fall, and we're still seeing metallics everywhere. Chanel's polish is to die for, but you can find gold polish in most major lines.
  • Estee Lauder Pure Color Swirl Gloss: I admit that I'm not an Estee Lauder fan, and haven't tried most of their products. But Oprah says it's good, so I'd better give it a shot.
  • Givenchy's entire Fall Collection: Wow, the whole thing? Yes, indeed. Super cute packaging, too.
  • Retro fragrances such as Guerlain Mitsouko, Chanel No. 22, Givenchy L'Interdit: I love it when fragrances last long enough to come back around, don't you? All of these are fab.
  • Avon Pro to Go Lipstick: this has been talked about quite a bit, but I've never tried it. I hear really good things about it, though.
  • Small hand santizers, such as CVS Pharmacy's Hand Sanitizing Spray Pen: I'm all for smaller hand sanitizers. I haven't tried this one, though, because we don't have a CVS here. Soon, but not quite yet.
  • "Green" shampoos: Jonathan Product Green Rootine, David Babaii for Wild Aid, and Tela Beauty Organics: I'm kind of sheepish to admit that I haven't tried any of the green shampoos at all.
  • Labello Lip Glosses: Recently brought to the United States by the parent company Nivea and rebranded Nivea Lip Balm: I haven't tried these yet, and haven't even seen them here.
  • Sunscreen with Mexoryl, such as La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen: Mexoryl was recently approved here by the FDA, and I have yet to test it out.
  • Tiny flat irons, such as Warren-Tricomi Mini, T3 Pro Mini Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Straightening Iron, Metropolis L-Ion Mini Wireless Flat Iron: I haven't tried the tiny irons, I'm still using my Chi.
You can read more about Oprah's favorites at Oprah.com.


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