I Have a New Haircare Secret For Fighting Frizz

Dealing with frizz is a constant preoccupation for me. I've tried just about every line out there in an effort to keep it tamped down, and have finally come up with a workable solution that I've pieced together from a lot of different lines. However, I was recently given the opportunity to try the line from Living Proof called No Frizz, and I have to say, I'm impressed, and that's hard to do.

No Frizz is actually silicone-free, which made me nervous at first. I love my silicones. But No Frizz uses a Polyfluroester compound which claims to reduce frizz by 30% more than usual silicones. Another benefit that I was excited about says that it actually repels dirt and oil 100% more than leading silicone products, enabling you to go longer between shampoos, which as we all know, is much better for your hair, which could back up the claim that performance improves with continued usage.

First in the lineup was the styling spray. Saturate damp hair and comb through, then apply the styling cream. Blow dry (usage of heat tools helps this formula work better). Then, use the spray on sectioned hair before flat ironing. Works like a charm.

No Frizz claims to prevent frizz for 16 hours, while I found that my frizz control lasted two days. And with my hair, that's pretty amazing. Usually I have to treat it with something on my second day.

There are two formulations: Straight Making for creating sleek, straight looks, and Wave Shaping, which controls and tames curls and waves. I've used both and both work well for what they are supposed to do.

Living Proof's No Frizz formula is available at QVC.com and will be at Sephora starting in February. Find out more at Living Proof.


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