More About That Bra of Yours...

I've talked before about how important really good undergarments are. If you haven't made it to Nordstroms for a fitting, Women's Health has a great article to help you choose the right one. Head over and check it out at Find Your Best Bra.

They also had a fascinating survey recently, and I had to laugh at some of the results. 700 men answered a survey on, and here are the responses:

Celebrity fantasy partner:
Please note: Jennifer Aniston beat out Angelina Jolie
28% of the 866 respondents chose Jessica Alba
18% - Jessica Biel
15% - Scarlett Johansson
13% - Jennifer Aniston
11% - Angelina Jolie

Sexiest part of a woman’s body:
42 % of the 902 respondents chose BUTT
21% - Anywhere around the belly button
20.6% - Arch of the back
12.6% - Back of the neck’
1.4% - Arch of the foot
1.1% - Ear lobes
0.7% - Back of the knees

Sexiest form of foreplay:
51.9% of the 902 respondents said taking a bath or shower together
18.7% - A back rub
15.6% - Talking dirty
7% - A candlelit dinner
6.8% - X-rated movie

Sexiest cocktail a woman can order:
27% of the 849 respondents said martini
18% - Margarita
16% - Beer
16% - Tequila shot
12% - Champagne
11% - Vodka and tonic

Sexiest scent a women can wear:
30.1% of the 861 respondents said something sweet, like vanilla
26.1% - A fresh beachy scent
25.7% - Floral scents, like rose and jasmine
10.6% - An exotic musk
7.5% - A citrus scent, like grapefruit

When it comes to spicing up your sex life…
43% of the 703 respondents used sex toys
30% - Whipped cream
15% - Blindfolds
12% - Handcuffs

Sexiest place for a woman to have a tattoo:
48% of the 783 respondents said lower back
22.3% - Ankle
14.5% - Butt
15.2% - Shoulder

The biggest turn-on:
35.1% of the 871 respondents said undressing a woman
33.2% - Having her strip for you
31.7% - Having her undress you

Best background music for makeup sex:
40.1% of the 833 respondents chose Barry White
34.9% - Frank Sinatra
25% - Al Green

Sexiest thing for a woman to wear to bed:
24% of the 915 respondents said one of your button-down shirts and nothing else
17.9% - Just panties
17.3% - Sleeveless T-shirt and panties
16.1% - Nothing
14% - Bra and panties
10% - Satin teddy

Women's Health promises us a new year with more of a focus on fashion and beauty. I'll keep my eye out and see if they have any goodies that you can't miss!


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