Thermal Water Sprays for Skin Care

Thermal spring water originates from subterranean layers and flows from hot springs of least 68°F in temperature. Pure and aseptic, it is used or bottled directly at the spring location, offering therapeutic value. While thermal spas are abundant in Europe, there are a few in the Unites States which utilize thermal water from specific American hot springs such as Warm Springs, GA, Hot Springs, AR, Calistoga, CA, and Thermopolis, WY. Aside from its temperature, thermal spring water differs from common spring water in its mineral content, including minerals like natrium, iron, fluoride, magnesium and calcium.

The many purposes of thermal water sprays
Thermal water sprays soothe skin irritations such as sun burns, improve the skin’s resistance to microorganisms, and help moisturize the epidermis. A bacteria-free thermal water spray calms, soothes and softens the skin’s natural balance with its anti-inflammatory agents. Other types of water sprays serve to calm the skin, refreshing and cooling it, especially during the summer.

Use thermal water sprays if experiencing the following:

  • Facial redness / inflammation / abrasion
  • After Shaving / waxing
  • Burning / stinging / itching
  • Sunburn
  • Diaper rash
  • Post-surgery
Avène Thermal Spring Water is rich in silica and trace elements including iron, manganese, zinc and copper. Provides anti-oxidant protection with an optimal calcium/magnesium ratio. Its low mineral salt content won't dry out skin. Naturally bacterial pure.


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