Seven Days of Mascara: L'Oreal Paris Extra Volume Collagen Mascara

L'Oreal has yet another new mascara, which claims to be their biggest volume builder. I think L'Oreal has a good solid line of mascaras at excellent price points, so I was eager to try L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Washable Mascara out, especially after all the goopy messes I've been dealing with lately.

According to the company, the brush is 50% bigger than their other mascara wands and is made with hydra-collagen which can enhance your lash thickness up to 12 times.

The brush is a standard spooly brush, and it is larger than your typical brush. It's nothing exceptional, however, and I'm not seeing anything that is unique or different at first glance.

So far, so good. No mess, no dripping mascara wand. Application was easy, I snapped a photo after my typical three coats.
All in all, it's a nice, easy to use mascara. It's not bringing anything new or special to the table, but really, is that a bad thing? What good is a cool new wand if you can't use it because it's all gooped up with product? At least this simple wand applied the simple product without a whole lot of fuss. The wear was excellent - no flaking or smudging even though I caught myself rubbing my allergy-ridden eyes a few times.

You can find this one at most mass retail outlets. It is also at Amazon for $6.49.

There is an iPhone App For Everything: Women's Health

Need an app to help you with your workouts? Women's Health now offers a $1.99 program for your 3.0 iPhone that includes 16 exclusive workouts and 120 exercises from the country's top fitness experts and trainers. Each workout features step-by-step instructions, high-quality photos and advanced logging functions. There are also expansion pack available for an additional $0.99, and they include “Get a Flat Belly Fast,” “Fat-Burning Yoga,” and “Sculpt a Bikini-Ready Body.”

There are only a few reviews, but so far people are loving it. The majority of users are giving five stars.

Available in the iTunes app store.

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