Can Remington Convince You to Give Up Your Chi?

The Remington Shine Therapy Frizz Control, Humidity Resistant Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron has been getting a lot of press lately, including a VIP (very innovative product) from Good Housekeeping, and a writeup in the New York Daily News as one of the nine smartest buys in 2010.

Here is how Remington describes the product:
The revolutionary Frizz Therapy Iron is the first flat iron to use frizz-resistant technology to protect hair from the outdoor elements, dramatically diminishing frizz (65% less than a traditional iron) and firmly resisting humidity all day (up to 15 hours) to maintain a silky smooth style. The iron employs next generation ceramic plates with special porous properties infused with a blend of frizz-resistant micro-conditioners that are emitted during styling. Complete with digital heat settings that range from 300°-430°F and a one-hour auto-safety shut off, the Frizz Therapy Iron is the newest must-have for sleek, frizz-free hair!
I must admit, I'm tempted. It's half the price of my Chi, and if it worked just as well (and even better), then I'd be all over it. So I'm asking you all - have you tried it? Does it really work as well as it claims? Inquiring minds want to know!!

e.l.f. teams up with Dear John for Cool Sweepstakes

You just have to enter to win cool prizes including an exclusive Dear John look set. The grand prize winner will win a girls night out - a private screening of the movie for you and 100 of your friends!

Click on the picture above to enter, and good luck!

Antonio Prieto Breaks Down Celeb Hair Trends

I am always looking for new ways to style my hair. I really don't like rocking the same hairstyle every. single. day. I need to switch it up, yet I don't want anything drastic.

When I got am email from Antonio Prieto's salon detailing some popular styles and how they are created, I knew I had to share them with you.  These are easy and doable by just about anyone.

The Half Up on Angelina Jolie

  1. Smooth hair with blow drier
  2. Curl with large curling iron from the middle to the ends.
  3. Tease the front slightly and pin back with hair pins.

The Smooth Pony on Drew Barrymore
  1. Smooth hair with a blow dryer.
  2. Pull tight into a ponytail and spray the front with a holding spray.
  3. Use large curling iron to create flip in the back
  4. Use a strand from pony to wrap around elastic and secure with a pin.

The Messy Bun on Michelle Williams

  1. Smooth hair with blow dryer.
  2. Use large curling iron from middle to ends.
  3. Pull hair to low pony with elastic.
  4. Pin pony into loops with hair pins to make desired style

If you're in NYC, be sure to check out the Antonio Prieto salon - it looks amazing!

Astrology Beauty: Aries Eyebrows

I cannot tell a lie - I'm a huge believer in astrology. I can't help it, but I have found it to be so accurate that it's just fascinating. So I'm beginning to explore the astrology-beauty connection. Obviously any chart that features Venus in a prominent position is going to see a great deal of beauty-related things in their life. But it's interesting to see how the other signs interpret beauty as well.

For instance, Mystic Medusa, one of my favorite online astrologists, has an article discussing the Aries woman's eyebrows. She shows us how Aries people have interesting and oftentimes noticeable eyebrows such as Joan Crawford (who could forget those?) and Yasmeen Ghauri (below).

So I'm dying to know, Aries women: are your eyebrows dramatic? Do they represent the glyph of the Aries sign?

Name your Top 3 Makeup Items Ever! And tell us about the worst thing you ever tested/used.

It is SO HARD to pick only three! First up would have to be my DiorShow mascara - there are some things that are as good, but there just isn't anything better. Next, CoverFX acne treatment primer. This is just the best primer I've ever used. Third would have to be Urban Decay's Eyelid Primer Potion. Those three things set the stage for the magic to happen. The worst item I've ever tested was a skin care system that worked okay but had the most awful smell - like burnt plastic, although it was supposed to be all natural. I made the mistake of trying it out while not feeling so hot after a night out, and was never able to use it again.

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