I Heart Foot Petals

The truth of the matter is that I love my heels. But what I don't love is the absolute pain that I get after a few hours of walking, dancing, or otherwise being on my feet. So when I discovered Foot Petals, I was hoping that I had found something to help with that. And it really did help - tremendously. This wonderful little product is called Tip Toes, and you place them on the inner sole of your shoe where the ball of your foot rests. These cushion that part of your foot that gets sore quickly and also prevents calluses. I was so pleased that I ran out and bought a pair for every uncomfortable gorgeous shoe that I had.

Then I found some great flats at Marshalls. Nine West, a brand that usually fits me really well. Well, they felt great when I tried them on, but after an hour of wearing them, I had a nice blister right on the back of my heel. Talk about painful - it was like adding insult to injury - I was wearing flats! I shouldn't be in pain! I decided to check Foot Petals and see if they had anything that might help, and of course they did. I can't say enough good things about my Heavenly Heelz. Soft padding keeps callused skin from forming (nothing worse than rough, dry skin on the feet), and prevents rubbing and blisters. I keep extra packs of these in my drawer to put in any new pair of shoes that even seem like they might cause me a bit of discomfort.

There are a few other products that Foot Petals has on their site that I haven't tried. But I've had such good luck with the few things that I have tried, I had to share the love.


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