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Have I mentioned that I'm obsessed with exfoliation? I truly am. I will buy any body scrub on the market and use it until it is all gone, regardless of whether or not I actually like it. I love the feeling of scrubbing all the rough spots until they are nice and smooth and then using an exceptional moisturizer. If they are scented with something that I wear in my daily perfume, so much the better. Pulling out a note (such as ylang ylang or bergamot) of my scent for use in bath products is one of my favorite ways of "matching." I pay more attention to that then whether or not my outfit matches. Truly. So I decided to put together a list of my favorites that I have discovered. And if you know of a body scrub that I should try, please let me know!
My most recent purchase is Boots Mediterranean Olive, Bergamot, and Walnut Body Scrub. This is a gentle and non-abrasive scrub that would be great for sensitive skinned people. The scent is lovely without being overwhelming, and it offers light moisturizing. One of my requirements for a great scrub is that they don't require me to use an additional product for moisturizing after I get out of the shower, and this one just barely qualifies in that regard. But the price is right, and you definitely don't have an oily feeling on your skin after the shower.
Neutrogena Energizing Sugar Body Scrub. This was the very first scrub I ever used. There is nothing exciting about it - the scent is exactly what you would expect, a basic citrus that is supposed to be invigorating. The exfoliatiors are sugar crystals, which aren't harsh on sensitive skin, and it has better than average moisturizing ability. But it is definitely lacking a "wow factor," although it really is a good basic scrub.
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. This isn't a scrub in the true sense. It's a body polish, which means that it has great exfoliating ability, but not much in the way of moisturizing. Which is fine, especially if you like to control the amount of moisture your skin gets. I love the scent on this product, and often follow it up with their Strawberry Body Butter. With the addition of salicylic acid, it certainly keeps the rough spots to a minimum.
L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Sunless Scrub. I mention this precisely because it is almost the opposite of all my other favorite scrubs, yet there is always a tube of this in my shower. This offers no moisture at all. None. Don't expect it, you won't get it. And you don't want it, either - this scrub is designed to prepare your skin for self-tanning, and you don't want a layer of oils to prevent that bronze from developing. This scrub has BHAs and salt as it's exfoliant, so don't use it after shaving! Take it from me!
The Body Shop Bergamot Salt Scrub. I have to confess that I don't have this in bergamot. I have the ylang ylang option (sensual ylang ylang, natch), but it is exactly the same with the exception of the scent. This scrub is very, very moisturizing. No lotion needed afterwards at all. Because it's salt, it's another scrub that must be used prior to any shaving that needs to be done. Also, the salt grains are quite large - don't keep scrubbing until they dissolve, as you won't have a top layer of skin any longer. But the scent is heavenly, and the product is decadent.
Lush Buffy Body Butter. And I saved the best for last. I recently discovered the Buffy bar at the Lush store in Atlanta (great SA's there, by the way - they are awesome! Shipped my things to me because I wouldn't be able to get them on the plane), and I haven't stopped using it since. This solid bar can be used at the end of your shower, right before you get out. Not only are you treated to the most luxurious moisture, the exfoliating grains remove any bad patches you might have. And these grains aren't salt - they are ground rice, almonds, and aduki beans. This bar makes my skin the softest it has ever been, and I plan to keep a bar around from now on.


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