I Think Prom is Horrible, Tacky, and Gross.

And that pretty much sums up how I feel about the losing dress, too. But Christian said it so much better than me.

Have I mentioned how much I love Project Runway? No? Well, I adore it. And there is always one designer that I just seem to get emotionally involved with. Santino last season, and this season it's Christian. LOVE HIM.
But really, the dresses were kind of meh. I didn't see any that I would have wanted to wear, but then again, I'm not 17 and going to prom. I think Victorya's dress was lovely, but not a flattering cut for me. Love the color, though - it's my current favorite.
And Sweet P's dress had a fabulous cut, and the champagne color was beautiful, although I'm more of a fan of the brights.
And the losing dress was just such a disappointment, because I usually love all of Kevin's designs. He's done such a great job up until now, I just don't know what happened! This is just horrific!
Ugh. Just awful. I'm so sad that Kevin is gone. But an honorable mention for Chris - I love the design and cut of his gown, although the green is just...I'm not sure. Plus, he makes really bad jokes, which is just up my alley.
As always, Michael Kors was deliciously bitchy, and Nina was just bitchy. Love them. But would someone tell Michael that the spray tan needs to be turned down a bit?


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