NYC: Bond No. 9

I know that I am way behind on the whole Bond experience, but I have only fairly recently discovered how unique and amazing their fragrances are. And while I really do love Silver Factory, and have blogged about it before, I was thrilled to actually have the time to explore the Bond Counter at Saks on 5th. What I ended up leaving with (because I knew I was going to purchase something) was much different than I would have guessed. After trying several that I loved, it was Bleeker that I kept going back to. And the one that ended up in my bag before I headed up to the shoe department with it's own zip code.
Bond calls this blend "Art, Fashion, Seduction, and Dessert all in liquid form." The notes consist of violet leaf, cassis, jasmine, cinnamon, oakmoss, patchouli, vanilla, and caramel. Now, I usually run screaming away when I hear patchouli in anything, but I seem to have a fondness for those fragrances that incorporate the deepness of it without making the entire blend smell like dirt. Or dirty hippies. Or just gross. So the patchouli deepens it, and the vanilla and caramel don't stand out as overly sweet or gourmand. It's a really interesting balance, and one that works well on my skin.

Two days later, I took one of my friends who had never been to NYC down to the village. We had lunch at the Peanut Butter and Co, and wanted to go have a famous cupcake at Magnolia. And imagine my delight at discovering the Bond boutique right next door! Right on Bleeker, no less! Store manager Evelyn Diaz did a fabulous job at taking care of us, giving us samples to take home for the men in our lives, and helping me pick out just the right candle for my kitchen. I decided on So New York scent for my candle, which is described as "Catching a whiff of New York's Consuming Passion Above-All-Else For Chocolate Desserts and Frothy Lattes." Fantastic. The notes are listed as Mirabelle, "expresso" accord, and cocoa powder.

Heading to the counter to check out, I see small refillable travel bottles. Perfect! I picked out Nuits de Noho, described as "A New Kind of Nighttime Femininity: Irreverent and Unapologetic." Notes listed are jasmin, creamy vanilla and sheer patchouli. Yes, another patchouli blend! It's strange, I tell you.

We had so much fun and I'm sure I will be back every trip to pick up another little something for my collection.


Ali said...

I hear you. I am totally in love with Nuits de Noho. I bought that in spring on my first visit to New York and didn't know anything about Bond No. 9 until we stumbled upon their counter at Saks. Totally original fantastic perfume. Now I want to try the candles!

February 21, 2008 at 10:40 AM

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