Too Faced Mini Reviews

A few words about some of my favorite Too Faced products. If you've never explored Too Faced, you are missing out! And you can always read more of my mini reviews over at Total Beauty!

Wrinkle Injection
This is a soft and creamy concealer that does an excellent job hiding those fine lines underneath your eyes. I'm sure it works well on any facial wrinkles in any area on your face. The light color also helps with dark undereye circles as well. I will definitely be keeping this product in my makeup bag.

Eye Shadow Duo
I'm a huge fan of Too Faced shadows, especially since I know I can wear them all day long without worrying about using a good primer on my eyelids. The colors are perfectly matched (Totally Toasted and I Know What Boys Like are my personal favorites) and nicely pigmented. They layer well, so it's easy to build a dramatic look with these or keep it nice and simple.

Mood Swing
I don't know if this gloss actually does change color according to my mood - I haven't truly paid enough attention to it to really give a reasonable opinion. But the shade of pink that it turns on my lips is super cute, and for a gloss, quite long lasting. It's not sticky or gooey, and goes on very easily. It's probably gimmicky, but I've been happy with it thus far.

This is without a doubt my favorite brow product, and I've tried them all! Keep it super simple by applying the pencil to your brows then using the mascara-type brush on the other end to blend. That's it - fantastic looking brows in a flash.


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