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No doubt you have seen some press for Josie Maran cosmetics. She has been featured in Allure, Domino, Elle, Shape, and Glamour, among others. A former model, Josie Maran decided to take her love of makeup to a more responsible level. From the website:

This isn't the first time that Josie Maran has been the face of a cosmetics company. Her lucrative contract as the international spokes-model for the wildly popular brand Maybelline lasted for an unprecedented ten years.

As a top model, Josie learned about makeup from the best in the business. While world-famous makeup artists worked their magic on her, she paid attention. She learned about the transformative power of makeup, and how just a little can do a lot. She learned what works and what doesn't, which ingredients to seek out and which to avoid.

Over time, Josie noticed a hole in the market. It was hard to find products that matched her approach to life - products that are pure and gentle, that contain no toxins or ingredients that damage the planet. The few earth-friendly products she found were lacking the sophistication and the level of luxury she craved.

Josie knew that if she wanted products that met these high standards, other women would want them too. So in 2006 Josie set out to create her own makeup line.

Josie Maran Cosmetics is arriving at the perfect time. Today's woman is discriminating and asks a lot of the products she buys. She's unwilling to compromise style, beauty, quality or caring for the planet. Now she can have all of these things and have her makeup, too.

The philosophy of Josie Maran Cosmetics comes from Josie herself. It's a balance of her low maintenance, go-with-the-flow attitude and her refined, worldly taste. "I know exactly what I like. My tastes are very specific," Josie says. "I crave quality, whether it's the best fabric, the best food, or the best makeup. I try to surround myself with the best of everything." Josie's passion for everything she does is evident in the line. Every element, from the packaging to the makeup shades, is a reflection of her unique sensibility.

The Josie Maran Cosmetics look is healthy, natural and vibrant. It's about enhancing, not covering. It's about youthful, glowing skin. "What most women don't realize is that when models and actresses look fresh-faced and makeup-free, it's because they know how to apply their makeup to make it look that way," Josie explains. "I want to open the vault on all the tips and tricks I've learned in the makeup chair. I've seen how makeup can make a person feel great. I want to share that with women everywhere."

What I like about the line is the impressive collection of eye shadows. Occasionally in a natural or mineral line of cosmetics, your choices for vibrant eye shades are somewhat limited. Not so in this case:
I could certainly use most, if not all of these shades. Especially Cappucino, Chianti, Pewter, and Smoke.

On to the wishlist!
You can receive free standard shipping on your $45 order by using the code WILDFLOWER at checkout. Happy shopping!


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