Green Company Profile: Pangea Organics

A very hip and eco-conscious company that even has music releases on their website! Which are quite good, really. Do check them out.
Pangea says that you have only one body and one Earth, and they will do their best to take care of both. A great philosophy which is backed up by some truly amazing products.
Pangea promises to use only 100% plant-based ingredients, each of which is clearly on their bottles. If it's not on the label, it's not in there. Petroleum products are not used, instead the focus is on quality organic and sustainable herbs and essential oils, many of which are grown here in the United States. They saponify (convert into soap by treating with an alkali) their oils to create products that lather well without the use of petroleum-based ingredients. These ingredients also begin to biodegrade within 48 hours of use.
Pangea follows the trifecta of facial skincare: cleanse, tone, moisturize. A complete line of cleansers, scrubs, toners, and creams take care of dry, normal, and oily (or demanding, as Pangea's website puts it!). A complete body care line includes bar soaps, liquid soaps, shower gels, lotions and oils. Ingredients run the range from fennel to ylang ylang, with benefits listed for each. All of which look like they should be on my bathroom shelf.
The best part of it all is the packaging. All made with a Zero Waste process with 100% post consumer paper. Plus, embedded in each are organic seeds such as sweet basil and amaranth. Just soak the box in water for a minute and plant!
So, it's on to the wish list!

Most importantly, they are celebrating Global Earth Day by offering 20% off on all online purchases at Enter the code GOGREEN08 to receive your discount. This discount is good through 4/30/08. Select products will also be on sale in stores, if you have a retailer near you.


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