Review: Neutrogena Summer Glow Daily Moisturizer

Since I've been using a gradual tanner for my body, I figured it was high time to find one for my face. The problem? I have "problem" skin. It's feisty and prone to breakouts should it find anything distasteful in any of my products. This isn't normally a problem, but when it comes to self-tanners, my face simply revolts. It's not having any of them.

Enter my drugstore find, Neutrogena Summer Glow Face Daily Moisturizer, SPF 15 . I've had excellent luck with Neutrogena in the past, in fact, it is my preferred facial cleanser on a daily basis. I completely credit their Oil-Free Acne Wash for taming my problem skin.

This is a nice, gradual tanner - you won't see anything right away, and the results are very subtle. I find that it is excellent to use in conjunction with a gradual tanner (like my complete favorite,LOreal Sunless Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer Medium Skin Tones, another drugstore find), not so much with a tanning product. Either way, you will find that this moisturizer won't irritate your skin, cause breakouts, or otherwise encourage problems. The scent is lovely, almost floral, with no lingering yuckiness that you often get with sunless tanning products. Dries well with no greasiness, and the best part is that it offers sunblock protection. I usually rely on my moisturizers to do this for me, rather than my makeup, which can change day to day.

Overall, I found this product to be well worth the price, and something that I will be reaching for well after summer's end.


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