Why Aren't You Using Pretty Social?

Pretty Social is like a women's magazine for the web, but with social interaction! No, it's not that. It's like Digg but for chicks! No, that makes it sound too superficial, and there are some great articles on there. How about I let Pretty Social explain themselves? They do a much better job!

PrettySocial is a social news site for women. Think of it as a women's magazine updated for the web: distributed, collaborative, and no publishing cycles.

We recognize that no single source has a monopoly on good stories, ideas, or expertise, and that good articles are often not as widely read as they should be. So we decided to provide a place for women to discover and share content, and to discuss issues that matter to them. The latest fashion microtrends. Ways to stay pretty and healthy. And just a sprinkling of celebrity gossip.

So if you're surfing the web and looking for some interesting reading, go browse. And be sure to vote for all of Daily Dose of Coffee's articles!!


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