Two Cover Girl Product Reviews

I really enjoy playing with Photo Booth on my Mac. I never really used it before, now I'm always opening it up.

So, last night as I'm waiting for my prescriptions (anyone else suffering from allergies? holy crap.) I meandered through the makeup section, because that's just how I do. I haven't bought anything Cover Girl in a million years, but I've been hearing rumblings out in the blogosphere about how great their new mascaras are. What the heck, I thought. Let's grab one and see. I'm out of my DiorShow, with no Sephora trip in sight, so I need something, and that something turned out to be Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara in Very Black. But of course they were having a buy one get one free (Rite Aid, for you girls who love a good deal), so I grabbed the LineExact Liquid Liner in Smoke as well.

The Volume Exact mascara was surprisingly good. The brush is a plastic type material versus a hair brush type, with something called "microchambers" which are supposed to help with plumping and seperating, although I have no idea what a "microchamber" is. While I normally don't have much luck with the plastic/silicone brushes, this one didn't create a huge clumpfest on my lashes. The picture above is with two coats, although I could have easily done three with no clumps at all. Gives a nice definition to my lashes and the price is certainly right. I'm impressed with this fiber mascara from Cover Girl. I've had a full day so far and I'm not seeing any flaking, caking, or smudging at all. Note that I did choose the waterproof version, because I am convinced that waterproof mascaras don't smudge as much, and I can't stand racoon eyes at the end of the day.

Next up, and in the photo above is the LineExact Liquid Liner in Smoke. Another impressive product. The brush is of the harder variety, not a soft brush that you end up smearing all over your eyelids. I know, no one likes to play with liquid liner because those soft brushes are hard to control. The LineExact might be a good starting point for those who don't use liquid liner often because it's easy to control. It is a matte liner, so you're not going to find any shimmer here at all. But it goes on very smoothly, you can make your line as bold or as small as you want it, and it doesn't smudge throughout the day. They don't have a ton of color choices, so if you're looking for something exciting, don't look here. But for your basic black, gray, and brown, you'll be set. I found this liner to be very easy to use and didn't make a huge mess all over my lids. Well worth the purchase price.

I have to say, I'm fairly impressed by my recent Cover Girl purchases. Perhaps I've gotten too snotty with my high end makeup purchases, but I think these products would make a great addition to any makeup bag. It certainly would be great for those just starting on the whole makeup journey, and excellent for those who want to experiment with fiber mascaras and liquid liners without paying a small fortune. I'd recommend them based on that. Would a beauty junkie find these products helpful? Chances are you probably already have something similar in your bag and wouldn't need these basics, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at them.


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