Random Project Runway Thoughts: Season 5, Episode 1

Nothing really coherent in my recaps, people. You can read all of that over at fourfour (which reminds me, is Rich not doing those? I haven't seen last week's recap yet), because he does it SO much better than I do. I just like to share my totally random thoughts, mostly about Tim Gunn, because I wish he would follow me around in real life and tell me what to do.

  • I love the fact that Tim called all the designers "slackers." That just seriously cracked me up.
  • Are you kidding me with all the tablecloths? Did they not see the original challenge back in the day? A corn husk dress won, people. Corn husk dress!
  • Did you know that Michael Kors is blogging over at Bravo.tv? Here is a quote: "I also Loved LOVED Daniel's blue paper cup dress." I LOVE the fact that he uses caps. Oh, hell. I just LOVE Michael Kors. He's so crazy.
  • Did anyone else catch the clip at the end when Tim said something like "holla atcha brotha"? Was I just dreaming that? Because holy crap, that's funny.
  • Damn straight, Kelli won. Here is what she said: "I honestly thought, "I had better win this s*** because I am using a myriad of innovative techniques, and my dress has a closure!" Go on, girl.


BeautyChick101 said...

Ahh, Project Runway. One of my fave vices! I totally agree with all your comments ... especially the slackers one. How could they all use tablecloths!?!?

July 23, 2008 at 9:57 AM

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