New Goodies at Lush

So I'm getting ready to take a nice long bubble bath when I realize that my Lush supply is getting a bit low. Since that just won't do and there isn't a Lush store anywhere near me, I surfed on over to place an order and I noticed that there are some fun new goodies!


These look like fun. If you're not a bathtub person, these will be right up your alley. Throw one on the floor of your shower and let the steam refresh you.

  • Sex in the Shower: ginger scented fun in the shower
  • Too Drunk: the ultimate hangover cure with mint and fennel
  • Up the Wooden Hill: a great night's sleep is a shower away
  • Up You Gets: revitalizing citrus
New Soaps
  • Bamboo: bamboo shoots and cedar leaf oil
  • Banana Moon: bananas and yogurt
  • Beautiful Pea Green Soap: sandalwood, benzoin, tangerine
  • Cocktail Guest Soap: sultry, sexy floral
  • Gingerman: ginger root
  • Honey Waffle: honey and tropical flowers
  • Milky Bar: sweet orange oil and soya milk
  • Miranda: feisty kiwi
  • Pineapple Grunt: pineapple and vetivert
  • Porridge: real oats for a sweet and scrubby soap
  • Queen of Hearts Complexion: rose petals and softening oils
  • Quinquereme Of Nineveh: creamy coconut, vanilla, and orange
  • Red Rooster: orange and cinnamon
There are tons more new things, but you get the idea. Now I'm off to shop!


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