Product Review: Flying Fox Shower Gel by Lush Cosmetics

I'm a Lush fan. Every year after the holidays I find myself a Lush store (kind of hard to do, the closest one to me is about 400 miles away) and grab their biggest gift sets, and then get my second one free. This enables me to have all my amazing Lush products for the rest of the year, almost. Although I will admit to refreshing the bath bomb collection periodically through the year.

So, really, I only do major Lush shopping once a year. That is, until I went in this year to sample some of their new products (all of which I will be writing about in short order). I walked out after spending $100 with some great stuff, but also a ton of wrapped gifts free! Talk about making my holidays a bit easier.

At any rate, I hadn't tried Flying Fox Shower Gel yet, but I had heard really good things about it. The description from Lush really says it all, I think:

Lots of women would love to believe that they were Cleopatra in a past life. Chances are though that they were somebody more like Mildred. Or Bob. Fortunately, a bunch of fabulous jasmine flowers decided to reincarnate as Flying Fox shower gel. Its infinitely sexy and mysterious scent makes any shower fit for a queen. And we added some honey so you can stay sweet in case all that power goes to your head. Divine!

Divine indeed. I've never been a huge jasmine person, finding that it's often just too sweet for my taste, but this might change my mind. It's gorgeous, and certainly not a one note wonder. You don't just get the jasmine with this one. There is something else there, and it's fantastic.

Another must have from Lush.

Flying Fox Shower Gel by LUSH, from $17.45 to $24.75. Available at LUSH or


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