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India Collection by OPI

I was at Ulta searching for the China Glaze Ink collection, but alas, I couldn't find it. So, I grabbed ElePhantastic Pink by OPI instead. The India collection is lovely, and I had a hard time choosing which one I was going to like the most. This color is actually darker than seen here (I love my iPhone, but it doesn't take the best photos), and gives a nice bright pop of color. I think it will look fantastic when I have my summer (bottled) tan on, which is exactly what I am looking for.

Now if I could just figure out how to keep my nails from chipping. Anyone have any good ideas? I'm willing to try just about anything!

Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and Accessories

Some accessories that I'm loving lately, heavy on the Subversive collection for Target.

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Pesky Ingrown Hairs

It's that time of year again, where we start baring part of our bodies that haven't seen the light of day in six months. And so we start prepping, tanning, shaving, and exfoliating.

Unfortunately, all that new shaving can lead to a common concern: ingrown hairs. Many adults suffer from this in some form or another, especially in areas that are shaved often. Essentially, the hair is shaved leaving a sharp edge which then curls back into the same hair follicle as it grows. As this happens, the body responds with an inflammatory reaction, often in the form of raised red bumps, some of which can also itch or even hurt. What you may think is a pimple is actually an ingrown hair - the two look the same sometimes.

So, how do you treat the bumps you have? The preferred method is to use a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) such as salicylic acid (one of my favorite beauty ingredients EVER) on the area. They have the ability to actually penetrate into the plugged follicle and slowly release the hardened proteins. If you're feeling as if it needs to come out NOW, you can try removing the hair yourself. Start with a warm compress on the affected area for a few minutes. When the skin has softened enough, use tweezers to remove the ingrown hair from the area. If you can't get to the hair, please don't dig at your skin. Put a salicylic acid product on it, and leave it alone. It will eventually go away on it's own, or you can try again another day.

Preventing the bumps is key. This is where excellent exfoliation comes into play. Use gentle exfoliating products with salicylic acid and a washcloth or shower puff. You can even find special products for exfoliation, such as brushes and mitts. Try shaving in the direction of the hair growth, although that isn't always an option for people with curly, coarse hair - in other words, the person who is most prone to ingrown hairs! Instead, try alternative ways of removing hair such as depilatory creams or waxing. Both of those will drastically reduce your ingrown hairs.

Permanent hair removal is also an option, if it's in your price range. Many people have excellent success with laser hair removal.

A few products that you must have for shaving, if you are prone to ingrown hairs:

More on Nic's Sticks by OPI

Here is Carpool Mama by Nic's Sticks by OPI, as promised. I definitely like the color - it's more of a true red, which is right up my alley. Working with the brush again was a bit easier, and I think that the more you work with it, the better it is. It's just very different from the typical brush that I'm used to.

I'm not the person to review a polish based on chips, because I am seriously hard on my hands. I use my fingernails for everything, and I can chip even the best polish in less than a day. But based on what I've observed, this polish does a fairly good job staying on, although I think the regular OPI does a much better job.

The best part about the product is definitely it's portability. Fits easily into my small makeup bag in my purse, and it's great for touchups - which happen as often for me as lipstick, usually. You just have to watch how many times you pump your brush, however, as you can easily end up with far too much polish and a huge mess. Other than that, it's easy to use.

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