Are Female and Male Acne Really Different?

There is a theory out there that acne is caused by two different things in men and women. Acne in women is usually caused by estrogen and progesterone and acne in men is caused by testosterone. I think this is probably very true if you're prone to hormonal acne.

And if you are, there is a new natural system out there that might work for you.The CTRL Clear Skin System was developed with the differences between men and women in mind.

Here are five facts about women's acne that you might find interesting, according to CTRL:

  • female skin is 25% thinner and more delicate than men's skin
  • female skin typically creates less oil than male skin and is more sensitive to harsh ingredients
  • female skin is more acidic than male skin creating a drier skin surface
  • female skin is more sensitive to breakouts and acne infections than male skin
Conversely, we have the following regarding male skin:
  • male skin is affected by testosterone and circulating DHT
  • male skin skin has significantly more DHT receptors leading to oily skin and thick pore clogging sebum
  • Male skin has a higher surface level pH than females which can lead to the potential of increased bacterial growth
The science behind CTRL is based on four factors that can trigger acne: hyperkeratinization, sebum production, infection and inflammation. The system uses a proprietary 5 alpha Phyto-Technology featuring patented ingredients that attack the root source of acne by reducing oil/sebum production while also delivering prebiotic complexes that are designed to kill bacteria deep in the pores. Salicylic acid is used to clear away dead skin cells and other debris.

The system includes a face wash and treatment cream. It's easy to use, and works well. I used the system for a month, and had wonderfully clear skin with very few problem breakouts, and those were probably my own fault, since they always cropped up after I forgot to wash my face.

In the interest of telling it like it is, I want to warn you: the smell of these products is not good. I'm told that it is due to the nature of all-natural ingredients, and the fact that there is no added fragrances to the product. I think it would be ideal for those who not only suffer from acne, but have sensitive skin to boot.

An extremely effective system if you can handle the smell. Grab a starter kit for only $6.95 - you get the facial cleanser, treatment cream, and a bonus spot treatment. It's an excellent deal.


Francine said...

i've used CTRL and loved it. For the first 2 days or so the smell bothered me, but after that I completely forgot about the smell. I don't know if it was just because I was so happy with how my faced looked, but now I can say it is not so bad. Give it a try.

April 29, 2009 at 12:47 AM

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