My Love for All Things Lush Continues with Ambrosia

It's the season for hair removal, ladies. So get yourself ready, because I'm going to be writing about it a lot in the next month. Look for my Ultimate Guide to Hair Removal to come out right before Memorial Day - I've already began working on it!

In the meantime, we need to talk about Ambrosia. I grabbed this awhile back on a trip to New York City when I left my shaving cream at home, and goodness knows I wasn't going to trek around the city with unshaven legs and other bits.

And let me tell you, I haven't gone back to any other shave cream in the past two years. This stuff is beyond my favorite - it's turned into a must-have staple.

Most people seem to not like the smell. Lush says it smells like honey and chamomile. I don't find that to be the case, really, and neither do many of the reviewers. However, it's not an unpleasant smell, and I don't have a problem with them lingering, but that could be because I follow each shave session with my body wash (almost always exfoliating, especially in the summer), a body scrub occasionally, and always a lotion or massage bar treatment. So the smell isn't an issue for me at all.

Basically, what I love the most about this product is that I don't have to use the additional oil on my razor when I shave. This has the oil already in it. It gives me the smoothest, softest shave I have ever had. It helps keep irritation and razor burn away and even leaves the skin feeling well moisturized afterwards.

If you're a heavy duty shaver like I am, give this one a try. I think you will really like it. Get it at Lush for $8.75 to $16.45 for a large bottle.


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